Recently, Space Alpaca, a strategic Play-to-Earn RPG game that combines yield farming and battle gameplay, announced its official launch. Embracing the ethos of Web3.0, Players can plan and formulate the best strategies and card lineup to earn maximum profits. The gameplay includes yield farming game, PVP battles, and PVE battles.

Space Alpaca is dedicated to constructing the foundational infrastructure and traffic portal for the Space Ecosystem. Moreover, in the upcoming quarter, it will sequentially release a plethora of blockchain games within its ecosystem. Space Shard will serve as the in-game currency for the “Space Alpaca” ecosystem, circulating throughout the entire gaming landscape. The token rewarded in the game can also be used in forthcoming games, as well as the entire upcoming Space Ecosystem.

Space Alpaca WorldView

The Alpaca Universe was attacked and destroyed by monsters and the Alpacas citizens were scattered over different planets. The monster team continues to destroy the planets in the universe, gaining the power of Space Shard, and destroying the stability of the universe.

A group of Alpacas warriors formed a team to fight against the monsters, and recapture Space Shard to create a peaceful and stable new universe and maintain the balance of it.

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Earn with Cards, Explore Gameplay Experiences

Space Alpaca is a Play-to-Earn RPG game that combines yield farming and battle gameplay. Players can earn token rewards by farming gameplay or battle. The gameplay includes yield farming, PVP battles, and PVE battles. Players can plan and formulate the best strategies and card lineup to earn maximum profits!

Players need to unbox mystery boxes or purchase NFT Alpacas through the NFT marketplace. Players can formulate strategies to manage yield farming to increase power, or form the strongest Alpaca lineup to battle. The game provides multiple gameplay experiences for players to choose from, encouraging players to collect more NFTs and update gameplay strategies. Players need to formulate the best game plans and team lineup to earn token rewards. 

Alpacas Return and Start New Journeys – 5 New Upcoming Games

The Space Alpaca game features five characters, Old Macdonald Alpaca, Ragnar Alpaca, Arthur Alpaca, Merlin Alpaca and Alpaca Armstrong. The characters are divided into five rarities, namely COMMON, UNCOMMON, RARE, EPIC, and LEGENDARY. The higher the rarity of the character, the higher the rewards.

The journey of the Alpacas continues after the game – the five alpacas will return to their original planets, which means that five new corresponding games will be released in the coming quarters. Players can accompany the characters to start five different games. For example, the Old Macdonald Alpaca will return to the farm to breed Alpacas, and Arthur Alpaca will start a battle game journey.

From Space Alpaca to Space Ecosystem

The journey of Alpacas started from Space Alpaca, and will evolve into multiple blockchain games. Various ecosystems will launch to connect games. Space Alpaca’s grand vision extends beyond merely crafting a game or a simple game box; it aspires to establish a comprehensive ecosystem, encapsulating elements of tokenomics, NFT markets, DeFi protocols, gaming aggregation platforms, and public blockchains.

Space Alpaca is the kickstarter to a series of ecosystems to be launched in the future, and the governance token Space Shard will become the circulating currency within the ecosystem, participating in ecological rewards, voting, transaction fees, Lauchpad admissions, node benefits, and other holistic ecosystem applications.. As more games and ecosystems are released, Space Shard will unlock more functions, and its circulation value will increase accordingly.

Using Space Alpaca as a starting point, the project will unlock even more potential in the future. The future development of the entire ecosystem will soon be under the spotlight. Space Alpaca’s future development is definitely worthy of attention.

Team background

Space Alpaca’s core team is a cross-domain combination of experts with deep backgrounds in Web3, financial technology and market strategy. Co-founder Crypto K is an early cryptocurrency investor who has been involved in crypto since 2013. His extensive network brings global resources and opportunities to the project. CTO Charles, with many years of financial technology experience, his expertise in game development and blockchain technology provides a solid support for Space Alpaca’s technological development.

CMO Mary graduated from the University of Hong Kong, worked in securities and private equity companies, and played an important role in several Web 3 projects such as Lithium, Luxfi, Spicy Network and Metaline. Her market strategy experience provides a basis for project brand building and promotion. CSO Jensen has more than 30 years of global market experience and has led Web2 talents to the development of the Web3. His strategic vision has helped the team capture the latest market trends.

The addition of consultant Wyson Chan and project manager Tempo K brought professional knowledge and perspectives to the team, enabling the team to take blockchain supervision and brand development to a higher level. The diversity and professionalism of the Space Alpaca team ensure the development of the project in the GameFi field.

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