Networking is one of the primary reasons why individuals are entering the NFT sector, but there are other factors as well. Through Twitter, LinkedIn, or Discord, NFT and DeFi aficionados have been hyper-connecting and building their own expansive networks in the industry. This is the rationale behind why this team of former workers from Apple, Facebook, and Pinterest has stepped up to the plate to develop the most potent networking platform for Web 3.0 to yet.

Although some people like networking online, most people find it challenging to build genuine connections by merely following and contacting others. The majority of people are still winging it when it comes to making connections, thus they are not sure if the connection will be advantageous for both parties’ requirements or interests.

The NYX SOULMATE team came up with the solution. As of now, the most successful networking platform is the NYX SOULMATE platform. It achieves this by connecting users based on their individual interests, hobbies, vocations, personalities, and a wide range of other factors using patented A.I. and hard science.

When you mint a NYX Soul NFT, your biodata is infused into it through a process called as “individuation,” resulting in a digital representation of who you are that evolves as you engage with the Metaverse and make relationships. Symbols and artwork that are uniquely tied to your personality will eventually appear on your NFT. This will help community members find others who share their interests.

When you mint a NYX Soul NFT, you will “individuate” it, which is a process where your biodata is infused into the NFT. Then, as you engage with others and explore the Metaverse, this Soul NFT will transform into a virtual representation of who you are.

The site will also compensate users for connecting socially, just in case that isn’t enough to get people to start doing so.

This concept appeals to more people than only NFT consumers. NYX SOULMATE was been selected as one of the ALPHA Startups to present at Web Summit in November. Because they will be presenting at this event alongside efforts like Yuga Labs and Sandbox, they anticipate attracting the attention of numerous VCs and investors.

Visit learn more about the creative team, the technology, and the artist, go to! They’ll soon make their mint details public!