TiFi is an ecosystem comprising several critical and market-oriented subprojects exploring the various domains in the crypto space. Ever since it was launched, TiFi has partnered with several exchanges and publishing websites to better reach a wider audience and attract investments. And it has so far worked in its favor. 

TiFi has witnessed an incredible increase in its user base in recent months, with more users registering on the platform than ever. Other than the systematic promotion, another important aspect that led to an increase in the user count is the all-encompassing ecosystem providing every vital utility, along with innovative ideas and advanced smart contracts. 

Also, the tokenomics employed with TiFi are up-to-date with the market and help bypass commonly encountered problems while providing stable returns to users. The auto-burn mechanism practiced by TiFi will burn more than 60% of the total supply of tokens, a staggering figure, leading to a stable and continuous increase in the token’s value. 

Besides, the transaction fees have been kept considerably low, allowing users to seamlessly trade tokens and NFTs without shelling a significant amount on the gas fees. Gas fees for individual transactions may look small, but if you were to calculate it collectively for a bunch of transactions on the other platforms, the final figure comes as a shock to many. And TiFi intends to change that! 

About the partnerships secured by TiFi

TiFi has secured more partnerships than most of the other platforms of comparable size. It could only have been achieved through systematic planning and the dedication of the team behind the project. Also, the advanced protocols and user-friendly interface have been significant contributors in this regard. 

Two of the significant partnerships secured by TiFi are as follows:

Btok: Btok is a platform where millions of users regularly interact and find out the latest updates in the world of crypto. It uses Telegram’s API, which makes the two look very similar, but Btok focuses on the crypto space. Also, it helps users discover the best projects, profitable investment opportunities, and new protocols introduced in the space.

BitKeep: BitKeep is a multi-dimensional platform offering a safe and advanced crypto wallet, in addition to tracking the tokens’ value and providing users with a chart for it. Also, BitKeep has a launchpad for new and smaller projects, which aids them in growing and sustaining in a highly competitive market like this.

Other major platforms TiFi has collaborated with include Certik, Gate.io Labs, Obsidian, Vulkania, Ivendpay, BSC News, MarketWatch, CoinsBit, Yahoo Finance, and the NewsWire, all of which have both contributed and are a testament to the success of TiFi.

What makes TiFi one of the best available ecosystems?

One of the vital aspects of a functional ecosystem is the systematic interlinking of the various subprojects, and TiFi has gotten that right. The TiFi bank, its NFT, and the unique way in which the platform intends to eliminate the supply and demand problem have made TiFi one of the most advanced ecosystems available at the moment.

And efforts are being put in to further develop the ecosystem, introduce new features, and make it as user-friendly, rewarding, and profitable as possible. Also, the idea of the Doxxed Team has been a great addition. In simple terms, Doxxed Team people are known and they don’t work anonymously, as is the case with most projects in the market. By doing so, TiFi and the team behind it has managed to gain the trust of the community.

Developed on the Binance Smart Chain, TiFi will also offer users the option to stake their holdings and earn a decent passive income. Staking, as a model, has witnessed widespread adoption and has become a trending feature in the crypto space, with more and more platforms offering it owing to the increased demand. Here, users basically deposit their tokens in a pool, which is then used to verify and authenticate transactions on the blockchain. Also, to prevent inflation, TiFi does not generate new tokens but deposits rewards from the ones already existing in the market, and to achieve this, a small portion of the transaction volume will be held by TiFi Bank. Besides, those providing liquidity by locking their current holdings will too receive rewards for their contribution.

Please don’t forget to check the APY presently offered on the platform, along with the other market and user-oriented features.

To find out more about TiFi, visit the official website: https://tifi.net/

Also, follow TiFi on all social channels to stay updated with the recent developments, releases, and token sales.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TiFiToken
Telegram: https://t.me/tifi_token
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/QhrKr7FY6X
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TiFiNet
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tifitoken/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TiFiToken/


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