On April 16, 2024, SMiC’s First Star Rank Conference was grandly held at Doubletree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Themed “Together With SMiC·Create Dream Together” the conference brought together industry elites from all directions to discuss new trends in the digital ecosystem and future developments.

At 2 PM, the conference began amidst an atmosphere of enthusiasm and anticipation. A stunning light show added a unique ambiance to the venue, with colorful lights dancing around like flowing rainbows, providing a visual feast for the audience and heralding the excitement and vitality of the meeting.

As the host extended a warm welcome in multiple languages to the guests present, the prelude to this industry grand event officially commenced. Vycent, the Operations Head of SMiC, took the stage to deliver a speech titled “The Ecosystem and Planning of SMiC” He provided an in-depth analysis of SMiC ecosystem and its future development plans, discussing how the platform connects supply and demand, aggregates massive amounts of data, and offers intelligent services to create a highly digitized new economic ecosystem. Vycent’s presentation outlined a digital economy blueprint centered on platforms, traffic, and data computation models, sparking enthusiastic responses from the audience.

Furthermore, Vycent elaborated on the unique value of SMiC as a decentralized Digital Security. He emphasized that SMiC aims to create a more equitable and efficient model for resource production and distribution, offering users a secure and reliable financial product. He also shared insights about the operational performance and market response of SMiC Digital Security since their launch. The rising Digital Security prices and exponential growth in user numbers have vividly demonstrated the market’s enthusiastic endorsement and high recognition of SMiC Digital Security.

During the conference, Vycent also revealed SMiC’s plans for global business expansion. These plans include establishing Star Consensus Club in Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, and Japan, and advancing strategic initiatives such as the SMiC Business School, Eco Plus System, and Volcano Project. These efforts aim to further expand global operations and enhance user experience.

Following that, Chu UY, the head of  Volcano X for the Asia Pacific region, also delivered an exciting presentation. He identified three key factors driving the cryptocurrency bull market: the Bitcoin halving cycle in 2024, the ecosystem development due to Bitcoin’s scaling solutions, and the appeal of cryptocurrency regulation through frameworks like the ETF attracting traditional financial markets. He also discussed the focus areas and business strengths of his company, Volcano X Capital, at the headquarters.

Chu UY announced that Volcano X will engage in deep collaboration with SMiC, leveraging mutual resources to complement each other’s strengths. He detailed the potential areas of cooperation, including a Launchpad, Web3.0 social platforms, and digital currency payment cards, painting a future full of endless possibilities for the attendees.

Next, SMiC’s ecosystem head, Morgan, gave an in-depth introduction to the exclusive online marketplace of the SMiC project, called Eco Plus Mall.  Eco Plus Mall encompasses six major components: Eco Plus NOW, Eco Plus Gateway, Eco Plus Premium,Eco Plus Service, Eco Plus Goods, and Eco Plus Pay. This platform is dedicated to providing a comprehensive consumer experience that integrates shopping, services, and entertainment. Morgan also emphasized that the essence of profitability lies in consumer traffic and the number of competitors, further highlighting Eco Plus Mall’s unique advantages in market competition.

Additionally, LCP Aesthetic Medicine’s Dr. Zheng Yurou detailed the characteristics and advantages of NADI stem cell products at the conference. She introduced the second-generation TrueStem stem cells, which require “only one cultivation,” ensuring the cells’ high quality and efficacy. Furthermore, she announced the exciting news that NADI stem cell products will soon be available on the Eco Plus Mall, allowing more consumers to access high-quality stem cell products and aesthetic medicine benefits.

At the conference’s conclusion, Dominic, the head of marketing, delivered an in-depth presentation on “Global Strategic Layout” focusing on SMiC’s future policies. He highlighted SMiC’s positioning and objectives in the global market and expressed the intent to continue deepening its strategic layout worldwide. Additionally, he announced a series of exciting updates, including the venue and timing for the “Eco Plus Mall Carnival and Eco Plus Mall Launch Event,” the rules and rewards for the Eco Plus Carnival Challenge, and the official establishment of the First Star Consensus Club in Kuala Lumpur. These announcements undoubtedly injected new vitality into the market and showcased SMiC’s ambitious vision and spirit of continuous innovation.

As the First Star Rank Conference concluded, attendees and participants gathered together for a cherished group photo. This photograph captured the memorable moment and also stood as a testament to SMiC’s commitment and belief in working collaboratively with industry leaders to propel the digital ecosystem and future developments forward.