Music is the soundtrack of life, it speaks to our souls and unites us all in a beautiful harmony.

[Montreal, Canada] A new Web3 collective, Tuning In NFTs, is introducing a new way to discover and engage with music. The company announced that it will be leading the way in independent music discovery in the digital age.

Tuning In NFTs stands out as a revolutionary platform for music discovery that sets a new standard in the industry. Their platform is designed to cater to the needs of music lovers, indie artists looking to break into the web3 space, and collectors alike, with an emphasis on building a supportive environment for music enthusiasts and creators.

They understand that entry barriers can be a hindrance for many, which is why they have made their Club accessible to all by keeping the entry point low. Members can join by buying a Tuning In token for 0.01 Ethereum (approx. USD 16.)

Streaming platforms have traditionally had shortcomings when it comes to music discovery. While they offer a vast library of songs, the algorithm-driven recommendations can sometimes be detached and fail to bring new and emerging artists to the forefront. Additionally, streaming platforms have been criticized for their lack of financial support for independent and lesser-known artists, who often struggle to make a living from streaming royalties alone.

Tuning In NFTs is addressing these issues by creating a community-based platform that prioritizes the discovery and support of independent artists. Founder, Samantha Stein, hopes to bring positive change to the industry and give independent artists the recognition they deserve.

She comments, “The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) movement has created a marketplace connecting people interested in directly supporting independent artists. The democratization of music has been made possible through advancements in technology, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to listen to, produce, and release music.”

The club offers a variety of interactive features, including live listening parties, artist interviews, metaverse events, and access to exclusive music NFT releases. Members can connect with other music enthusiasts and explore a diverse range of genres and artists while taking advantage of additional perks offered to their collective.

“Our mission with Tuning In is to increase the worldwide market for Music NFTs.”

Stein started Tuning In by connecting with independent artists who sought to increase their exposure and reach a broader audience. She implements initiatives to assist artists and actively promotes their music.

“I was interacting with these artists and realized how much they were laboring. Their focus is creating music, yet they are forced to concentrate on sales and marketing. I felt like I could do something to help artists, so I founded a community that acts as a venue for artists to exhibit their work and establish a direct connection with music fans.”

By working with emerging artists and providing them with a platform to showcase their music, Tuning In NFTs is helping to establish a thriving Web3 music scene, thus fostering a more sustainable ecosystem for independent music.

They extend a warm welcome to everyone who shares a passion for music to join their community and discover new artists and sounds. With Tuning In NFTs, you’ll be at the forefront of music discovery and have access to a community of like-minded individuals.


Tuning In NFTs is on a mission to enable independent artists everywhere to earn a living through their art through access to their discovery platform, performance opportunities, blockchain technology and more. Club members are invited to connect with others who share their love of music and to share in experiences and rewards for their participation.


Artists and members can join the community for free or have access to varied utilities by joining the collective and purchasing a Tuning In token for 0.01 Ethereum.

Public minting will be available starting while supply lasts in Q1 this year.

Follow Tuning In NFTs on Twitter: @TuningInNFTs

For further information, contact: Samantha Stein, [email protected]