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Establishment of Wolfs Group

Wolfs Group OÜ entirely represents a new set of people and has a wide range of products and opportunities down the line. Wolfs Group is an entity that is engaged with a lot of strategic industries. In the Estonian jurisdiction, Wolfs Group will allow a lot of expansions to outside the borderlines of EU. These typical expansions are possible due to the Estonian law and agreements that are signed internationally. 

The expansions are related to the blockchain technology and the new ways to get capital acquisition. The project will have guarantees as per Estonian law and financial security. Estonia being one of the most developed countries in Europe, and has cryptocurrency trading which is approved officially and sanctioned. It has a business-friendly tax policy and low-operation costs. 

3 pillars of Wolfs Group of companies 

Wolfs Group has 3 main pillars of support and it will be in the most promising markets – Modern technologies, Real estate and Fintech. The holdings of these are secured by diversification. Wolf Group OÜ is an advisory firm which has private equity and venture capital. It is mostly concerned in investing on modern technology areas and thereby represent multiple industries. 

Venture capital is to do with investment in fledging companies. There are a lot of startups which are based out of these common innovative ideas which will turn lucrative in future. 


IEO (Initial exchange offering)

It is mainly involved among the investors for purchasing tokens. Tokens here refer to the act of investment from the company. Wolfs Group issues tokens to raise the value of the companies and finance the initial stages of the projects that company handles, and to increase the value of the WLF token on cryptocurrency exchange market. 

The main structure of the project is the Wolfs Group. From Wolfs Group OÜ we’ve chosen two principal areas of investment – real estate and fintech.

Other than this the company is also interested in investing on modern technology markets comprising both capital and financial investments. 

Initial stages of advancement

Each of the project of Wolfs Group will based out of blockchain. The first two projects are in advanced stages of development. The first project Wolfs Group currently is working on is Ferpay Ltd and money transfer service Ferpay.com. The functionalities of the blockchain will be used for its needs in the first stage of the IEO.

The funds raised during first IEO contribute to the development of Ferpay Ltd on world market. During the second stage, Wolfs Group concentrates on real estate business.

Ferpay Ltd is a fintech entity. This modern finances-oriented company facilitates quick and secure international money transfers. There are only few companies sharing the market with Ferpay Ltd capable of handling individual and business clients.

An FCA licence (Authorised Payment Institution Ref.No. 607425), Ferpay can process transfers in all of the worlds currencies

Owing to the experience enjoyed by Ferpay IT, finance and marketing managers and new features Ferpay will become one of the leaders on fintech market and Ferpay will be capable of competing with banks.

In upcoming days we plan to build and implement:

• more functional dashboard for our customers

build and implement crypto-currency exchange

• launch two mobile apps for iOS and Android

implement the service multi-currency card (VISA or MasterCard)

• intensify our marketing

• integrate our service with banks in Europe by OPEN API

• modern and brand new website

We made already a lot of to make the plan above possible but the final the realisation will necessitate significant financial resources.

The time is one of the most important factors. The market changes very quickly and we adapt for the same.


Apart from the above-mentioned points, we as a company have evolved in a very good shape and have been featured on Forbes magazine – a few years back. Wolfs Group have signed agreement with VISA for multicurrency card roll out. The investment strategy of the company is very simple. Analysis is made based on market trends and then you can invest on either startups or entities. If startups, then the investment of blockchain technology with Ferpay is installed. When serving the modern technology markets – then there is flexibility with the time-consuming projects. 

Wolfs Group is conducting multiple IEO sessions on P2PB2B & Coinsbit. Dont miss this opportunity!

Learn More About Wolfs Group at https://wolfs.group/

Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/Wolfs-Group-101690717913587/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/GroupWolfs

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/28875531

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wolfsgroup_ou/

Telegram : http://t.me/wolfsgroup


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