Yorkie Inu

Yorkie Inu is a new Meme defi project that combines the best of community-driven Meme coins with an ever-expanding defi world. The project is built on top of the highly versatile Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that has become the go-to choice for a majority of new Defi projects. Yorkie Inu is a deflationary auto-liquidity generating, static rewarding cryptocurrency protocol. Yorkie Inu directly rewards the holders, while continuously increasing liquidity. The token rewards the investors just for holding; On each transaction, the protocol automatically distributes rewards to holders as well as auto-burn liquidity.

With no pre-sale and none held back for the development team, 100% of the tokens were released on the open market creating a fair and complete distribution of the coins. Yorkie was created to provide the world with a Binance blockchain-based token that gives holders the security and versatility of the Binance blockchain while yielding rewards and enhancing the decentralization of digital assets. The token was built with a vision to strengthen the existing systems while adding secondary benefits that redistribute 2.5% of all transactions to existing holders. This will supply investors with an increase of Yorkie in their wallets with each transaction.

The secured blockchain ledger grants investors control and security over all of their digital assets. Yorkie utilizes an eco-friendly approach to traditional token mining and distribution technology as all tokens are delivered through automated farming. By doing so, it allows Yorkie to operate in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Yorkie Inu Offers a 100% Environmental Friendly Token

There has been a lot of talks around rising environmental concerns due to crypto mining. China has started a crackdown on crypto mining activities despite being a hub for more than 50% of the world’s crypto mining. Yorkie Inu is one of the only environmentally friendly and 100% decentralized tokens with the entire supply released to the open market and none burnt to a dead address to avoid any rug pulls. Yorkie Inu currently have 6 months of liquidity locked, once we convert to V3 we will lock liquidity for 1,000 years. This provides limited risk to investors while ensuring security through the Binance blockchain.

Yorkie Inu tokens are not mined as they are backed by automated farming allowing us to function in a more environmentally friendly setting. The total supply of 10,000,000,000,000 Yorkie Inu was released to the open market at launch. 2.5% of every transaction is redistributed to existing holders’ wallets providing investors with additional tokens along the way. The community makes the Yorkie Inu token decentralized and secure while the team behind the project has ensured it is 100% environmental friendly with robust tokonomics.

Yorkie Inu is Rug Proof With New Auto Liquidity Function

In many meme coins, and related DeFi projects, the problem is that big whales come from nowhere, fill their wallets with a huge number of tokens, cause a huge increase in price and cause price pumps that we all love to see. And once the chart has a line that is more vertical than horizontal (goes up), a large number of people like me and you (us common, poor traders) also start investing too. And once the bags are full and the token has made over 3-7x these whales sell, the graph sees a downward jump.

The explanation for such a large price drop is that the liquidity pool where the tokens are kept in another currency loses a significant amount of the other currency. More tokens are added to the liquidity pool, and less BNB/ETH or whatever is removed. This results in a loss of value and the dreaded graphs we discussed earlier.

This is the reason for the integration of the newly famous auto liquidity generation function in our contract. This function not only saves the high price variation problem but also solidifies Yorkie Inu’s future.

This function causes a certain percentage of tax to be deducted on each transaction to automatically generate liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap liquidity pools. In our case, this percentage is 3%. Take, for instance, a transaction of 1 million Yorkie Inu tokens occurs and the Automatic LP percentage is set to 3%, 0.03 million will be set aside for automatic LP generation. 0.015 million BNB will be converted, and 0.015 million tokens will be combined and transferred to the liquidity pool, ensuring that the addition of these assets does not trigger a price change.

Official Website : https://yorkieinu.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/yorkieinu
Telegram : https://t.me/yorkieinu
Whitepaper : https://yorkieinu.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/whitepaper-1.pdf
Yorkie Inu Scan : https://bscscan.com/token/0x3177354ddbaacf9fc1c642418835e5b01e723ea4
Yorkie Inu Chart : https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x3177354ddbaacf9fc1c642418835e5b01e723ea4


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