What is our mission?

The multi trillion freelance economy grew a staggering 29% in 2020. Our mission is simple: we empower the growing workforce of freelancers straight into independence and wealth. Helping them to truly unlock the ‘free’ in freelancing.

We are bringing decentralized collaboration mechanisms to the Future-Of-Work. The Yura Equalize is an agreement execution platform. On the platform freelancers and clients can work together on their projects through workflow, agreements and escrow payments based on agreed milestones. Payment can be done globally in the local currency or with crypto currencies including the Yura token (YURA). Yura Equalize is tested and live (in bèta). 

Yura is on a mission to bring crypto benefits to a huge and growing market. The YURA token is the Polygon based medium in the Yura ecosystem that ties our community together and has the following uses and benefits:

  1. Revenue share : Earn while completing projects.
  2. Payments : Get paid in YURA tokens, or other crypto currencies.
  3. Staking & governance : Participate in our community by staking your YURA tokens earning your voting rights.
  4. Affilliates : Help grow the freelancer base and earn lifetime passive income in YURA tokens.

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