“ElmonX Launches Highly Anticipated NFT Collection: ‘God Save the Future Queen’ and ‘King of Pop’ Artworks Transformed into Exclusive Digital Collectibles!

On April 29th, 2023, ElmonX, based in London, UK, will launch their highly anticipated ZOOBS NFT collection, coinciding with the 12th anniversary of Kate Middleton and Prince William, as well as the 12th anniversary of the original ‘God Save the Future Queen and King of Pop’ editions unveiled at the Opera gallery. The original ZOOBS were acquired by Dolce & Gabbana and displayed at the Bond Street gallery for 6 months after being featured on BBC. Later, they were showcased at Dolce & Gabbana’s menswear store in Bond Street during the grand opening, attended by celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Roberto Bolle. The ZOOBS collection remained at the store for an impressive 7 years.

ElmonX’s notable NFT releases include: the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh and world-famous artists such as: Patrick Hughes and Cécile Plaisance.

About Zoobs:

Zoobs Ansari, a British artist of Indian and Pakistani heritage, draws on personal experience to explore society’s obsession with physical perfection, popular culture, and celebrity. His works, which include photography, audio, video, sculpture, and performance, reflect influences from art, fashion, film, and music. Zoobs’ childhood experiences, including the sudden death of his father and struggles with assimilation in different cultural environments, deeply affected him and fueled his artistic expression. After a career in commercial photography, Zoobs shifted to more personal work, experimenting with mixed media and creating unique portraits that garnered acclaim. Inspired by Warhol, Zoobs’ recent work delves into the consequences of an obsessive pursuit of fame in the age of social media.

In the Zoobs collection, there are four different digital collectables:

The collectibles part of the ZOOBS collection include:

God Save the Future Queen Original 333 editions

King of Pop Original 333 editions

God Save the Future Queen Artist Proof including a Physical Print 13 editions
King of Pop Artist Proof including a Physical Print 13 editions

Ownership of the Artist Proof edition unlocks a physical hand signed ZOOBS limited print using 100% cotton heavyweight paper that features a premium matt inkjet coating, meeting the highest industry standards for density, color gamut, color graduation, and image sharpness.

About The Drop

God Save the Future Queen & King of Pop:

In 2011, British artist Zoobs Ansari created two mixed media art works titled ‘God Save the Future Queen’ and ‘King of Pop’, featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Prince and Princess of Wales. Measuring 48 inches x 36 inches, these works were created on wood, combining digital imagery, lettering-montage, and Zoobs’ signature paint work. They were part of a series of works he called ‘scrolls’, which he started creating on wood after initially using heavyweight art paper. The works were framed in Victorian frames adding 12 inches to their size, and were unveiled at a gallery in London, generating global media coverage and eventually being acquired by Dolce & Gabbana. Limited edition prints were also released and sold out within a week. Inspired by the ‘Sex Pistols’ vinyl record artwork, the works will now be released as interactive NFTs on the 12th wedding anniversary of the Prince and Princess of Wales, approximately 12 years after they were first created.

About ElmonX:

ElmonX uses an immutable, decentralized blockchain database for tracking digital assets. Collectors can interact with NFTs through augmented reality, and mobile apps are available in beta for users to reserve usernames.

ElmonX’s apps are currently available to download in beta and are designed to improve the NFT collecting experience for licensed products, art, digital products, animation, and experiences. 

How to Purchase:

The NFT collection can be accessed at https://elmonxplus.com/ on a first-come, first-served basis. Each individual is eligible to acquire up to 3 NFTs per original collectible, with a maximum of 1 Artist Proof edition allowed for each.

ZOOBS NFT Launch Date: Saturday 29th April 9AM PT (5PM BST)

Available at: https://elmonxplus.com/

To stay up to date, follow ElmonX on social media: https://linktr.ee/elmonx

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