Blockchain technology is poised to change the world in more ways than we can imagine. From digital citizenship to Crypto Kitties, we’re approaching a more decentralized existence every day. Technology such as NFTs and DeFi have especially exciting implications for us gamers, as they shift the scales away from favoring huge publishing corporations. 

Play 2 Earn games reward players for their time investment, unlike traditional games. Can you imagine getting paid to play your favorite games? Maybe that’s a reality for pro gamers, but the rest of us won’t have to dream for much longer—here are five upcoming games leading the Play 2 Earn revolution.

Drunk Robots

drunk robots

Chug a beer, battle other players for territory, and collect resources as you explore the city of Los Machines in this action-packed game. Aside from having an amazingly hilarious premise, stellar artwork and enjoyable lore, Drunk Robots features robust customization options as you power up your robotic fighter. 

Whether you buy one of 10101 Drunk Robots NFT characters to experience the full game, or you just enjoy the free-to-play minigames, you’ll earn valuable rewards along the way, all of which can be sold or traded on the secondary market. Bottoms up!

Spark Era

It might be a while longer before space tourism is a reality for us Earthlings, but Spark Era might scratch your interstellar itch in the meantime. This extra-terrestrial MMORPG offers players the chance to manage and upgrade a Starfleet, ally with guilds, and discover resource-rich worlds as they navigate the perils of deep space in this extra-terrestrial MMORPG. 

Spark Era’s GameFi economy will also render you real-world riches, such as the game’s $QUARK token, but watch out for enemy players looking to take your treasures via PVP combat!

The Sandbox

You might have heard about The Sandbox: a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their very own gaming experiences. Though it may seem similar to Minecraft or Roblox, The Sandbox differs by giving creators true ownership of their virtual creations in the form of NFTs. 

Jump into The Sandbox to explore an endless variety of games and worlds created by other players! Feeling creative? You’ll also have free access to the tools needed to create voxel character or environmental models, to build 3D games without coding knowledge, and to sell your creations on an NFT marketplace.


Have you ever thought about running your own drug empire? Or maybe just making a few extra bucks on the side? Well, now you can—legally! In the criminal underworld of DopeWarz, the drugs you sell, the loot you steal, and the reputation you build all translate to real-world rewards in the form of $DDZ (Dirty Dollaz, the in-game currency), as well as the $DRUG governance token.

Think you have what it takes to run the streets? You’ll need to dodge the police, compete against rivals to hustle your way to the top!

My Neighbor Alice

Ready to build your own farm and develop a world with other players? Check out My Neighbor Alice, where you can purchase plots of land as NFT tokens, then develop and customize them as you wish with in-game assets such as houses, plants, animals, and cosmetic items for your playable avatar with the $ALICE token. The charming and peaceful art style of this game is sure to please fans of titles like Stardew Valley, but now you can truly own your creations!

My Neighbor Alice also lets you use your $ALICE tokens for DeFi activities such as staking, collateralization, and buyback, giving you even more options to earn as you play.


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