MissWeb3, A cryptocurrency beauty pageant is causing a growing furore.

The story of the female MIT doctor who gave up her ambitious career to join the contest has triggered a chain reaction. In recent days, more and more highly educated women have joined the MissWeb3 beauty pageant, making the event more competitive and further igniting viewers to throw their support. With their outstanding looks coupled with an aura of intelligence, they are raking in crazy amounts of money on air.

The latest news shows that a mysterious tycoon from Hong Kong suddenly spent Bitcoins during a contest for a highly educated woman who had just attended. According to incomplete statistics, the mysterious tycoon spent dozens of coins worth millions of dollars in a few days. The motives for this mysterious tycoon’s behaviour have been widely debated, with some speculating that the woman may have crossed paths with the tycoon. In contrast, others have suggested that the two have met privately.

Also, the tycoon converted bitcoin into the officially designated Roman tokens, $ROMA, through various means, such as exchanging and purchasing, and then boosted the woman. A source close to the organizer Romani Foundation revealed that the mysterious tycoon had exchanged the bitcoin nearly ten times just for this lady, which shows the degree of dedication. The source further said that as Roma tokens can be traded freely in the secondary market, it has already triggered an explosion of speculation in the Korean market.

Some analysts believe that the organizer of the MissWeb3 contest, Romani Foundation, is undoubtedly happy to see more such events. The vast wealth effect will attract more talented contestants to join. At the same time, Romani Foundation will also make a fortune from it.

After one controversial event after another, the MissWeb3 pageant is still heating up, with a preliminary estimate of 5.2 billion radiated visits online alone. The servers of the official registration website were down, and the registration portal was paralyzed, which still needs to be fixed. Even so, it still can’t stop the players from chasing wealth. One after another, many people came to the first stop in South Korea to register to compete for the super prize of up to 1,499 BTC.

With the entry of more highly educated women, this beauty pageant is increasingly testing the comprehensive strength of the contestants; it is no longer enough to rely on good looks alone; the dimensions of an exciting soul, rich knowledge, and decent conversation, etc. are becoming more and more complex. This also further responds to the feminists’ questioning that this beauty contest seems to be evolving towards a more perfect and formal direction.

According to the rules, 300 finalists will eventually participate in the final round. However, judging from the current trend, the first stop in Korea alone has already triggered a considerable shock and future stops in Paris and London. Singapore is expected to continue to heat up. The actual commercial value of the traffic and viewer ratings generated by the contestants is estimated to exceed the size of the final prize fund, making this the most insane wealth-building event in recent years.