The increasing number of highly educated women joining the MissWeb3 pageant is breaking the organizer Romani Foundation down!

The MissWeb3 beauty pageant is in full swing. The pageant is heading out of control after the previous story of a high-profile woman from MIT joining generated a lot of buzz. The pressure on the organizer is mounting, with insiders revealing that founder Charles Lee is on the verge of a breakdown and is trying to tone down the heat and even set some thresholds to guard against blind behaviour.

The cause was that a UCLA female doctor signed up for the MissWeb3 beauty pageant. In just two days, a List One Big Brother swiped up millions of dollars for her, which not only helped her pay off her student loans but also had a large surplus. For the organizer Romani Foundation, this would have been another typical case. But the audience’s crazy reward for this female doctor attracted the hope of her classmates and friends around her to join.

It is reported that more and more similar situations have emerged, triggering close attention from the university. The university believes that the myth of wealth creation in the cryptocurrency circle is a total of risks. Accordingly, they do not want outstanding talents to give up their academic careers to choose shortcuts. Sources of the matter revealed that some relevant staff members have already contacted the organizer to exert pressure. For this reason, the organizer are considering rejecting some participants, which means that the UCLA female doctor will likely pour water into a sieve.

However, a substantial internal disagreement has arisen from this, with some management raising objections, arguing that the competition system has already imposed a blanket ban on MCN celebrities with more than 5 million followers on their TikTok accounts and that restricting entries again is not in line with the spirit of the Internet. There are also difficulties in setting up the rules, which could lead to unfairness in the competition system and, in turn, a more significant storm.

The heat has become a burden for the MissWeb3 beauty contest. The contest attempts to create an innovative model combining virtual currency and the Internet celebrity economy in the form of a beauty contest, in which users are free to support their favourite contestants using Miss Web3’s dedicated Roma Token ($ROMA). The MissWeb3 beauty contest initially received widespread attention with a super prize pool of 1,499 BTC. At the early registration stage, there was once server downtime, paralysis of the registration entrance system, system crash and other large-scale technical failures. The current enrollment portal server is still under intense repair, and the enrollment portal recovery time is to be determined.

As the campaign progressed further, the news that the founder had been taken away by the South Korean police for investigation and that his life was a mystery sparked widespread concern. The subsequent entry of a female MIT doctor further fueled the contest’s enthusiasm, with predictions suggesting that the MissWeb3 pageant would reach 5.2 billion viewers through online platforms alone, which triggered a firestorm for $ROMA in South Korea.

The organizer has yet to decide how to deal with the constant influx of highly educated female contestants and the social issues that this raises. This could be critical for the MissWeb3 beauty pageant and Roma token. This wealth-building event on the wind needs to optimize its rules further and establish a fair, open, transparent, and long-term development mechanism.