• Web3Re Technologies, a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solutions company, announces a
    partnership with Asia Token Fund and BlockAsia Labs to boost branding and community
    growth in the blockchain industry
  • The new partnership will allow for strategic planning of token fundraising activities and
    investor relations to cater to GOYA Universe’s pillars in its ecosystem

Web3Re Technologies, a global Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Solutions company that has launched an ecosystem in the metaverse called “GOYA Universe’’ announces a partnership with Asia Token Fund and BlockAsia Labs to carry out strategic collaboration and planning to enhance branding, community growth, and investor relations.

Enhancing the platform’s marketing presence and innovating strategic plans for token fundraising activities, Asia Token Fund and Block Asia Labs will collaborate with GOYA Universe to unlock its extensive list of databases of blockchain and tech industry leaders that is made up of investors, venture capitalists, exchanges, project CEOs, traders, and community leaders.

One of the many goals of this partnership is to demonstrate how Blockchain can be used for good. With Block Asia Labs and Asia Token Fund’s extended support to Web3Re Technologies, the Singapore start-up will be able to demonstrate how blockchain technology’s core invariable objective has always been to perform immutable, uneditable, and transparent records of transactions on the premise of doing good.

Web3Re Technologies is excited to have Block Asia Labs and Asia Token Fund on board the team, as their extensive experience will contribute significantly to the start-up’s future success. The company is also delighted to have an experienced partner and advisor to support the curated ecosystem premised on demonstrating how blockchain can be used for good and is genuinely excited about what the future holds with this strategic collaboration.

About Web3RE

Web3RE Technologies Pte Ltd is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solutions company that has launched an ecosystem in the metaverse called “GOYA Universe.’’ Grounded on five initial pillars of Philanthropy, Education, E-Commerce, Incubation, and Social Gamification, Goya Universe is aimed at guiding businesses attempting to transition from Web2.0 to Web3 and beyond and demonstrating how Blockchain can be used for Good.

By creating a safe and trusted ecosystem within the metaverse for businesses and consumers worldwide to interact, GOYA is intended to be the go-to platform for future social and commercial interactions.

For more information, please visit www.web3re.co

About Block Asia Labs

One-Stop Marketing, PR, Growth Services, technical & gameFi development, and Investor and secondary market management, For All Types Of Blockchain Projects.

Founded in 2017, Block Asia Labs (BA Labs) works as a multi-agency to support the launch and growth of blockchain projects through effective marketing strategies, PR approach & community growth. They have worked with over 100+ reputable blockchain projects, exchanges & VCs, raised over $200 Million in funding for their projects, and grown to over
70,000 communities on average.

About AsiaTokenFund Group

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AsiaTokenFund is a leading blockchain & cryptocurrency media in Southeast Asia founded in 2016, formerly Block Asia. They are an advisor & accelerator for FinTech & Blockchain companies, specifically focusing on growth through community, PR, media & marketing.

AsiaTokenFund Groups also invest in various projects, especially in the media and news aggregators, to better contribute timely and latest information to the community. Over the years, AsiaTokenFund Group has worked with over 50+ blockchain & Fintech projects in Advisory & accelerator roles.

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