The web3 is among the main revolutions we are experiencing in recent years. Since the creation of BTC in 2008, various blockchains and smart contract protocols have emerged and transformed the way we handle money.

However, dealing with a decentralized portfolio is still a complex step for the vast majority of users, it is often necessary to have several portfolios on different blockchains, which makes it difficult to monitor their investments in real time.

In order to make managing a decentralized crypto portfolio easier, the Mintado FinanceΒ© platform brings a revolution to DeFi lovers.

With Mintado Finance, users can quickly check all their liquid assets in various supported chains, their DeFi positions like Staking/LP/Lending in 2000+ protocols, complete asset list and much more.

But it doesn’t stop there, the biggest innovation of the Mintado.Finance platform is its Token page, which brings powerful indicators that are important and necessary for managing your portfolio, such as:

  • Amount invested per project
  • Profit/Loss
  • Average Purchase and Sale Price
  • Fees paid among others.

We have great news for you: The DAO token from Mintado APP $TADO will have its pre-sale starting next November 13 at PinkSale launchpad.

Users who invest in the pre-sale will be able to buy the token below its public launch price and will receive several benefits in the future, including AIRDROPs with $TADO tokens and partner platforms.

Holders of the $TADO token will be classified into tiers that will entitle them to various benefits, including a premium passport to all the platform’s future features.

To invest in pre-sales click here

Access now and join the revolution of Web3.

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