Crypto is a diverse space with hundreds of projects exploring the various domains and offering multiple opportunities to users. Brise Paradise, too, has come up with a project that’s all set to revolutionize the industry and offer investors the much-needed luxury and leisure in this fast-paced life.

Brise Paradise, a project developed on the Bitgert Chain, intends to transform the way we look at investments in the crypto space. It’s developing an 18-room hotel in the Maldives to increase the project’s utility and adoption and will be among the first to do so in the industry.

Brise Paradise will use the native token, $PRDS, and private investors to raise capital for the development of the platform and the much-anticipated hotel, the construction for which is going in full swing, and the live feed can be accessed on the official Telegram channel. The hotel is expected to be fully functional by Q4,2023, and Brise Paradise will host an opening event. The team chose Faresmathoda for the hotel owing to its strategic location, availability of a domestic airport on the island, and Beaches and reefs, which are perfect for a peaceful getaway in nature’s lap.

Brise Paradise is currently focused on the first two phases. Phase 1 is the hotel’s development and to have it fully functional, while Phase 2 revolves around acquiring an island and designing it for tourism. Also, the project plans to distribute dividends amongst shareholders or anyone holding the $PRDS Governance NFT, which will basically give them a seat on the board. The NFTs also offer holders the rights to share profits for any other properties the project sets up in the future.

The $PRDS token comes with real-world utilities, which will aid the upward trajectory of the token’s value. Investors holding 80,000+ $PRDS tokens for 8 months or more will get 3 days of free booking in the hotel when they reserve a room for 5 days. Those holding 200,000+ $PRDS tokens for 8 months or more will have their charges waived for 4 days of a total 5. Then comes the best of all, the Diamond perks for investors holding 500,000+ $PRDS tokens for more than 8 months. They will get a 7-day free booking. And given the current value of the token, since the project is in relatively early stages, one could easily get to Tier 3 or the Diamond perks.

Also, Brise Paradise is developing its marketplace where owners can list their hotels and homestays for the world to explore and book a stay.

Brise Paradise will partner with several major platforms like Agoda and to promote the hotel. It’s just the beginning of a long and fun-filled journey that Brise Paradise has embarked upon, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in the $PRDS token and hop on. Investing in the early stages will ensure higher returns once the hotel is functional and the token’s value shoots through the roof.

To find out more about Brise Paradise: visit the official website:

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