Capital DAO Protocol, a project that aims at the next way of Venture Capital launches the First Decentralized Venture Capital Using DAO for MultiChain. Capital DAO Protocol is being developed based on Web 3.0 philosophy. Although they are an anonymous team, they have 5+ years of experience in developing and investing in the blockchain industry.

What is Capital DAO Protocol?

Capital DAO Protocol is a project that aims at the next way of Venture Capital using Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Currently, there is a lot of focus on the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency worldwide. It is no exaggeration to say that Web 3.0 has become the standard and is beginning to permeate every field.

However, Venture Capital has not been able to establish a Web 3.0 style. Amid this change from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, Capital DAO Protocol’s vision is to create a new and established VC mode. Because Venture Capital’s business model starts with investing in new, next-generation projects, Capital DAO Protocol may initially struggle with the transition to Web 3.0. However, their vision and challenges are to build a new business model.

Capital DAO Protocol aims to disrupt Venture Capital 2.0 and paradigm to Venture Capital 3.0.

Capital DAO Protocol connects promising future projects with maximizing the investors’ incentives present in the community. There are many incubators in the cryptocurrency community, and they use their Launchpad to implement project IDOs.

Capital DAO Protocol is different from others because it is natural for an incubator to provide mid-term to long-term project support. Their mission is to connect projects with the community and nurture the community, which is what they should focus on the most. They also believe that it is necessary to raise the level of knowledge of users who participate as a community.

Capital DAO Protocol aims to operate as a DAO as a next-generation VC in the future. They believe it is essential to create a higher level of the investor community and the project.

Token Sale Method

There is a multitude of methods for Capital DAO Protocol token sales. By using different formats for different projects, users can have a flexible token sale and distribute tokens according to the project’s demands.

The different methods allow users to participate in IDO in ways other than having a platform token. Capital DAO Protocol believes many IDO platforms are problematic because they overly favor whales. Therefore, this structure ensures that the general investors can publicly participate and have fair access to IDO.

DAO Worker

Capital DAO Protocol is more than just a fundraising Launchpad platform. They provide support starting from the initial phase to ensure long-term health and development projects. They create an opportunity for more projects to grow, not just those under incubation led by Capital DAO Protocol.

Capital DAO Protocol is a community-driven organization that encompasses many KOLs (influencers, engineers, business developers, designers, marketers, etc.). They help users succeed by connecting their projects to KOLs and facilitating development and marketing.

KOLs will receive the reward for their contributions to the project and SEEDs for token allocation through an IDO. These incentives amplify the motivation for KOLs to contribute.

To enable P2P communication as much as possible, they will conduct essential communications individually. However, since there is a possibility of non-payment or contract default when it comes to distributing the rewards, the DAO Worker platform will utilize an escrow managed by smart contracts to allow for secure and transparent exchange.


They had fundraising in September 2021. After deducting the marketing cost and the initial liquidity provided during the token sale, Capital DAO Protocol has successfully raised $8,732,979.63 at the market price on that day.

The Investment Fund’s budget is $5,239,787.78, 60% of the total amount raised after subtracting 20% for the operation fee and 20% for system development.

As of February 2022, Capital DAO have the following Tokens managed through a multi-sig wallet.

  • 23 ETH
  • 3,196,488.29 USDC
  • 39,801.17 USDT
  • 00028991 CDS/ETH (UniSwapLP)


Triple Token Model

IDO platforms that implement the traditional Launchpad only have the utility of IDO participation in their tokens. Since these have only one type of token, the rate of return for users will be poor as the market turns into a Bear market. Then, the value as a token will also decrease. Also, the moment the IDO boom ends, the token price tends to collapse.

Capital DAO will issue three types of tokens: the Capital DAO Starter Token (Ticker: CDS), the Capital DAO Token (Ticker: CPDT), and the Capital DAO Profit Token (Ticker: CPDP), which will allow users to enjoy the benefits of the project.

The Capital DAO Starter provides not only a simple IDO participation right but also a mechanism to LaunchPool.

Main Features

  • Building a VC 3.0 managed by DAO Members
  • Providing an equitable IDO Platform for users
  • Provide a “DAO Worker” to boost DAOs and the project users participating.


They will have the CPDT token sale in April, followed by a new method of sale, and they will support multi-chains in the future. They plan to release DAO Worker later this year.

Q2 202

  • Beta Launch of Capital DAO Starter
  • Launch of V2 Yield Farming/Staking
  • First round of funding with Capital DAO Starter($CPDT)
  • Launch of V3 Yield Farming/Staking

Q3 2022

  • Multi-chain support for the Capital DAO Protocol will be supported by Astar Network
  • The Seed Sale Program will launch

Q4 2022

  • Launch of the full functional DAO
  • Launch of V4 Yield Farming / Staking (earn $CPDP by Single Staking CPDT and Yield Farming CPDT/ETH LP).
  • Multi-chain support for the Capital DAO Protocol will be supported by BNB Chain & SOLANA
  • Launch of DAO Worker

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Media Contact:

Contact Person: Zumi

Company: CPDAO Investment Limited

Email: [email protected]

City: Tortola

Country: British Virgin Islands


Source: Capital DAO


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