Since before, the world has built many energy-independent cities to prepare for the depletion of key resources such as fossil fuels and achieve zero carbon. However, most have failed to achieve energy independence and only a handful of successful cases.

A typical example of energy independence failure is Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates. Masdar City started in 2008 and aimed to attract energy companies and attract 60,000 people to and from work every day by 2016, but now, 10 years later, only about 1,300 people reside in Masdar City.

The biggest reason why Masdar City has failed to achieve energy independence is that, like many energy independence villages, capital shortages and communities are poorly formed. In the case of capital shortages, the government’s poor circulation of funds caused problems in installing energy production facilities, and in the case of community formation, the government-led community did not allow the city’s residents to participate in energy independence.

A prime example of success is the Danish island of Samso. Samso Island won the Renewable Energy Ideas Contest in 1995, but received no financial support. However, the residents of Samso Island have formed the right community based on their love and interest in Samso Island. Therefore, the lack of financial support was solved by investing in private or joint ownership, and as a result, in 2006, the world achieved complete energy independence for the first time in the world.

Through the aforementioned successes and failures, the Energy Kodex learned how much community formation affects the construction of an energy self-sufficient city. So Energy Kodex provides a MyPower platform for everyone in the ecosystem to participate in energy independence to form the right community. The MyPower platform allows individuals to invest in wind power generators and other renewable energy generators.

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