Fashioncrypto is an NFT project that connects brand markets, communities, and metaverse through a self-developed styling system.

Fashioncrypto project publishes 9,999 nfts to distribute some of the advertising revenue, market revenue, and sales revenue from its own platform to holders, after we proceeds with the tokenomics ecosystem that connects to metaverse and on and off line market.


Fashioncrypto is joined by the experts in three fields

One, development team, Two, e-commerce brand director, Three, online marketing experts.

Development team has experienced many blockchain wallets and NFT market development…
And e-commerce director with 13 years of experience constantly produce attractive products and content.
And online marketing experts have most of the advertising rights and experience.

We are developing a platform that quickly adapts to the nft world.


The strength of fashioncrypto is that we have our own program that’s already been developed.

And we completed some marketing and brand testing.

We also maintain a close relationship with the blockchain industry, entertainment, and many goods companies. Throughout our long career, we are confident enough to pour out many new attractive products and content constantly.

Even more, we can build a large platform and community by bringing users who don’t even know NFT.

You may find more details, such as a route map, on our official website.

Media Contact:

Email: http://fashioncrypto.space/

Website : http://fashioncrypto.space/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/fashion_eth

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Avv6QXSRVH


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