Exciting News! NFT Treasure Hunt is coming! Dataverse is now on Galaxy Space station!

We are going to host a great NFT Airdrop ceremony: NFT Treasure Hunt for our supporters to celebrate our establishment on Galaxy. Our mysterious treasure-chests have been ready for you guys, and now its your time to collect your surprise!

What’s in the treasure chest? 

The Dataverse Family exclusive NFT!

Family members include: The creator of Dataverse Alpha, the Defi inhabitant Owen, Professional NFT trader Dana, NFT artist Sophia, A DAO community manager Heath, and our magical rich nabobess who owns enormous ETH Betty.

Each participant who has managed our tasks (if you have filled the table) would have a chance to get an NFT chest, while sixty-six randomly picked participants among the total could receive and will be announced in our official Twitter account.

Friends on our whitelist shall access our Galaxy station after the event and click “claim” on the event page to receive the chest.

(Note: Our NFT chests will be claimed on Polygon chain)

Keeping it in mind, the more tasks you finished, the higher chance you would receive the lucky chest. There are six types of treasures (which are our magic six members) have been prepared averagely and see what your luck brings to you.

Preview of the Dataverse Family NFT

Start Time: Dec. 13, 2021 10:00 AM UTC

End Time: Dec. 19, 2021 10:00 AM UTC

Length: 1 week

Who is qualified for treasure?

Everyone who has filled the table. It’s ok to not finish all tasks, but the probability of gaining treasures will be increased by the number of tasks that have been accomplished.

In addition, all the friends participating in the event can get the qualification for internal testing of the new version of Dataverse~

What are the missions?

  1. Followour Twitter & Retweet Dataverse’s official Twitter‘s pinned tweets about this event
  2. DownloadDataverse extension and curate at least 2 NFTs
  3. Tweetyour curated NFT from Dataverse & tag three friends
  4. Joinour Discord + Telegram community
  5. Fillthis table

How to ‘curate’ an NFT?: Save your favorite NFT on the NFT platform we support, then group and label it, and write a paragraph ( talk freely, maybe just a ‘GM’ )

Dataverse will become the starship to the moon, taking our adventurers to explore the infinite Metaverse world at the age of Web3.0.

About Dataverse

The Dataverse is developed by Ownership Labs, which is the user-centered private space for sorting and displaying your interests in one place. Users can download the chrome extension and save NFTs from several NFT websites with one-click, including Opensea, Rarible, Superare, Foundation, Zora, Async Art, Nifty Gateway, Knownorigin, Makersplace and more. Dataverse is also your DIGITAL mind. Easily track NFTs in your private space for better decision-making. Unleash your creativity and connect with like-minded people.

About Project Galaxy

Project Galaxy is building a permissionless infrastructure that powers on-chain credentials with plug-and-play NFT modules. The protocol allows everyone to create, distribute, and gamify NFTs permissionless with the customized on-chain data. Developers can build their own loyalty programs, and individuals can issue and claim the NFTs backed by their on-chain achievements.

With Project Galaxy, NFTs become more than just collectibles, but also forms of identification, empowering developers and community members to build more engaging communities together.

Join Ownership Labs Community:

Website: https://dataverse.art/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OwnershipLabs

Telegram: https://t.me/OwnershipLabs

Discord: http://discord.gg/s3K5ds8FY2


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