WolfGirl, a community driven Defi project with an AI powered NFT ecosystem has relaunched its platform with critical bug fixes and a new price floor system.  Bugs, as well as an overly optimistic view of the Price Floor mechanism, are just two of the many reasons for the planned relaunch. The project never intended for people to feel “trapped,” “hostage,” or like they were in a honeypot. After failing to get enough volume to return the price floor to its “long-term safety mechanism,” the developers made crucial changes to offer a formidable platform to its users. 

Some of the key changes with the relaunch include,

  • The source of the bug that prevented both buys and sells in the Hunt will be fixed. We’ve gone through our entire codebase and have figured out how to avoid it.
  • To reduce the sell pressure, The Den will lose its special status and become subject to our tax.
  • The Sells will not be prevented by the price floor mechanism. Instead, any sale that results in a price below the price floor will be taxed twice (24%) with the same ratio of 1/3 burned and 2/3 to the Den. This is done to protect investors who are confident in the project from being harmed by sudden selloffs.
  • The project will add a way for the team to temporarily disable the price floor feature if necessary, and the project won’t renounce the contract.
  • The price floor will no longer increase automatically; instead, we will have to take manual action, similar to how other tokens can manually control their taxes in response to events.
  • NFTs are still valid for all users! The relaunch will use the NFT contract that has already been deployed and has no issues.
  • Users must now have at least one Wolfgirl NFT in order to claim the Spoils or initiate a Hunt.

WolfGirl Rewards and NFTs Ecosystem

The Wolfgirl protocol uses a price floor mechanism to prevent price crashes and ensure proper valuation. Simultaneously, it creates a protocol backing reserve (Den) containing BNB, which serves as a price anchor and serves as a sophisticated reward system for holders of the native $WLFGIRL token.

Two distinct and rewarding functions (Vault Management, Vault Reset) control a protocol cycle and can be called by anyone once certain parameters are met. A separate function ensures that $WLFGIRL holders receive BNB rewards on a regular basis (Base Reward). Owners are entitled to a base reward (or Spoils) of BNB from the Den whenever the current total supply of $WLFGIRL decreases by 0.5 percent. The total base reward is equal to a quarter of the Den (BNB) accumulated since the last snapshot. Unclaimed rewards flow back into the Den after the next snapshot (after an additional 0.5 percent supply is burned), so holders should claim them before the next snapshot.

Wolfgirl aims at offering more than just monetary rewards; which is why the native token will be used to mint on a proprietary ERC721 contract called ’WolfgirlNFT’, which will host not only the several collections that the Wolfgirl team plan to launch, but will also be open to anyone who wishes to mint their NFT on our chain.

At launch, an initial collection of 2,500 AI-generated NFTs will be made available, picturing never-before-seen, highly detailed Wolfgirls. These NFTs will be tradable on an upcoming Wolfgirl marketplace auction Dapp, but they will also be transferable to any other ERC721 chain, as the WolfgirlNFT contract is compliant with all industry standards, including the ability to burn your own NFTs when you transfer them over to a new ERC721 contract

To learn more about Wolfgirl visit Wolfgirl.finance

Telegram : https://t.me/wolfgirltoken

Twitter : https://twitter.com/WolfgirlToken


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