In order to stabilize market prices and settle in an effective product structure, the DeFi STOA’s operation foundation has decided to incinerate more than 40% from 3.2 billion structurally allocated, specific incineration times and dates will be announced later through the white paper and media on the site.

The total amount of incineration is not specified, but if the incineration is made with a significant incineration decision. The effect on the increase in scarcity value is expected.

In fact, the total distribution volume in the market is estimated to be 0.3%, with 50 million units. Since the current market capitalization of $41 million, the distribution volume is significantly smaller than other DeFi coins.

Therefore, experts say that if major policies are announced soon along with large-scale updates and love calls from major exchanges at least 30 times the current value including scarcity value will be released.

Most of the existing DeFi services are one-dimensional services from a financial market perspective such as coin swaps and loans and there are limitations to liquidity management and marketization. Coins that are not fandomized like memes or have not created an investment environment have limitations in creating a stable price structure. Moreover, there are many more limitations because it had to operate DeFi based on coins that comprehensively utilized the concept of smart contracts.

However, for decentralization of DeFi STOA, collective intelligence and independent protocol models are built and through operations, evaluations, participation, intelligence, regulatory approaches, a swap model with traditional assets, we are building a balanced and stable inflation model.

In DeFi STOA, the volatility of existing cryptocurrencies is due to the rich monetary means and liquidity of asset storage, so if it is serviced to support intelligent transactions, evaluations, and operations in diversity and one-dimensional transactions of crypto products, the risk of market inflation can be managed without overshooting.

It is expected that new investment demand and stable participation through asset growth will overcome the opacity of harmful products and information due to bandit damage of existing traditional financial groups through group intelligence loyalty and evaluated information trust value.


CEO Roy said, “The liquidity of crypto assets is rarely used as a practical meditation currency environment, so the black currency focuses on preservation of the original asset and the view of digital assets as a storage means is greater than asset exchange. The digital availability of such asset storage means has higher exchangeability and turnover than gold. At a time when there are few means of hedging the risk of market volatility management, it will be urgent to create a service environment to overcome it. In addition, an evaluation and management of collective intelligence and various product structures evaluated and verified by many experts or experienced people who can participate in knowledgeable crypto financial products globally can be created.”

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