In 2017, we saw the massive explosion of Decentralized Finance (Defi), rising from $2.1 million to a whopping $6.9 billion. With the increasing tradable tokens among several decentralized platforms, the market has surged to $48 billion despite the 45% decline it experienced a few months ago. The decrease was due to the significant price change of over 100 cryptocurrencies and the increasing Ethereum transaction fees.

Therefore, there is a need for a new Defi platform that will provide stakeholders with first-hand trading experience. Because of this, DeFinance, a community-based decentralized exchange platform powered by the Binance Smart Chain, is building an automated market-making protocol that will enable everyone to list, trade, and convert BEP-20 tokens swiftly and efficiently.

Compared to Sushi Swap, Pancake Swap, and Uniswap, DeFinance offers simplicity and flexible liquidity pools to everyone. Furthermore, it allows stakeholders to earn from the DeFinance Exchange volume by distributing the fully automated fees through its native token – DEFIN. In addition, it provides stakeholders access to the Alpha Governance voting mechanism where they can vote or change proposals the community submitted.

Brief about DeFinance

DeFinance is a fully verified, audited, and hybrid swap protocol. The platform introduces a unique strategy that offers improved updates compared to AMM-based swap protocols such as Sushi Swap, Pancake Swap, and Uniswap. It is a community-driven platform that offers multichain token protocol through DEFIN.

DEFIN is the native token within the DeFinance App in Binance smartchain. It tends to incentivize stakeholders to earn from sharing their pool. In addition, holding the token means a stakeholder has a share in the governance of the DeFinance protocol. Remarkably, stakeholders can also vote on updates and listings on the platform. The voting includes what new token the platform should support.

What makes DeFinance Different from other swaps?

The DeFinance protocol is geared at providing solutions to several issues confronting the market. It tends to constantly update and creates practical solutions to problems Swap users are facing. DeFinance is positioned as a viable alternative to other Swaps through its top-notch security feature and innovative approach.

The objective of DeFinance is to provide community-driven stakeholders while eliminating all security issues in the industry. It also deals with the current high gas fee consumption while moving out of the Ethereum ecosystem. The unique thing about moving to the Binance Smart Chain is the cost-effective alternative to all users. Through this, the DeFinance Platform will position itself as the best swap platform in the world.

Earn Passively with DeFinance

The private sale of the DEFIN token is already on, with the public sale slated to begin on September 1, 2021. As a DEFIN token holder, you can receive passive earnings from traded volumes, swaps, listing, and collateralized assets.

Traders who borrow and swap the coin for trading purposes will use the interest rates from deposits. Nevertheless, borrowers will pay the compounded interest rate depositors share based on the borrowing rate.  Besides this, stakeholders can also stake LP tokens to farm DEFIN.

The platform will unveil its community incentives for you to introduce your friends and family to the DeFinance platform in the next few days. Through this, you can earn a 10% stable coin directly sent to your wallet as you get an additional 5% bonus on every referral. Indeed, it is a unique strategy of increasing the DeFinance community.

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