Never live in doubt of where to invest your time and trust again. DIIC (DUBAI INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS COIN) will be a game changer. They have found ways of reshaping the crypto world in its simplest forms. From fintech ecosystems, crypto venders to choose from and the list goes on. To follow their journey and stay updated simply check out 

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Different components to play with but the utility aspect most users will find the most appealing. These come in the form of different vendors which accept DIIC by customers buying items. Expanding beyond the technology Fin-tech green and other appealing institutions is the main aim of the DII Coin.

DIIC volunteered to do more than just reward those who are in line with their ethos.

They have said they would like to grow with the users’ experiences and appeal to a wider audience in which no other crypto company has tried to do before.

They have also expressed their passion is to be able to give people an opportunity to gain experience, become educated in this field and grow with the digital times that lead a head. There will always be the old school cash, to banking and now to digital assets. Within these, different generations who are left lost and confused. DIIC aims to help bring forth a new generation who is also excited and opened minded for the changes and challenges. Past situations should have taught us that no one is safe. From financial institutes going down and then getting back upped with debt from the past few years during the covid error. DIIC thoughts are who looks after the people that are lost and left behind?

The infrastructure blueprint revealed with the intent of helping bring funding for projects which never had a chance to be finished even thou started. Unlimited length of sustainable income financially long term. Together DIIC and OODLE MARKETPLACE empower and build communities and protect their money. From the renewable energy industry morphing, into cities, prospects and economically helping with employment and opportunity for existing businesses to grow or expand.

DIIC tokens will be accepted as a means of payment by Dubai’s most prominent vendors in the real estate, automobile, commodities, and retail sectors. The DII App will support these transactions.

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Company name: DIIC

Contact Person Name: Annalisa

Official Email: [email protected]

Country: United Arab Emirates



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