Health is, undoubtedly, the biggest concern for people these days. With the young population being more prone to ailments and diseases than ever, the focus has shifted towards regular exercise. It’s a known fact that regular exercise helps cut down the body fat, and improves blood circulation and the brain’s health. What we still lack is proper motivation. And that’s what Walky World intends to do!

Walky World is a project that combines WEB 3, Move to Earn, and the Metaverse. It uses each of these to create a platform that’s not just interesting and full of potential but also offers great rewards. And the dedicated app for the project lets users monitor all health-related aspects, be it Heart Rate, the distance they have covered, or the calories burned in a particular activity or a specific period.

Walky World plans to encourage and motivate users to exercise regularly by offering exciting rewards. So, you basically earn the native $WALKY token by walking, swimming, riding a cycle, or working out in the gym. You can accrue rewards through each of these daily activities, and soon when you start noticing changes, both in your health and your wallet balance, motivation should start coming from within.

Apart from the lucrative rewards up for grabs, there is a cool Walky World’s NFT collection to check out. You can buy, sell, or lend NFTs on the platform’s native marketplace, and the best part is that it’s the market that decides the pricing and not individual users. So, everyone here will be able to find one that suits their interest. Also, do not forget that the rarer the NFT, the costlier it is, and the more likelihood of its price seeing a substantial rise in the coming days as more people join the platform.

To join Walky World, you will need to acquire at least 1 NFT shoe, there being several of these available classified according to rarity level, and a GPS-enabled device. Also, there are a bunch of modes to help cater to every single user’s requirements. If you prefer exercising alone, Single-Mode would be the best choice. For those who prefer exercising with friends, the Friend Mode would be a great way to win some additional rewards if you both complete the required tasks. Next comes the Challenge and Metaverse modes, both equally exciting and full of possibilities.

Walky World will also employ several anti-fraud algorithms to prevent people from misusing the platform. It will verify your location and the steps taken to identify whether the said distance has been covered. Besides, it will also consider the user’s heart rate and other health-related data to verify these aspects.

Along with offering great rewards through active participation, Walky World also employs protocols for passive income. There are two ways to do that. Users can rent out their NFT shoes to others for a fee when they are not active or have an extra few of these lying around. To ensure fairness, Walky World will let the NFT holders decide the rent and the leasing period. Then comes Staking, one of the most sought-after ways to earn a steady stream of funds in the crypto industry.

The Walky World Project is in the initial stages, but given the astounding idea behind it and the storm that it has created ever since the announcement, the project sure seems to be heading towards success.



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