DoKENPad is a better option for fundraising / IDO for crypto projects that doesn’t have to fear about tokens being dumped by launchpad platforms like PinkSale..

Getting to Know DoKEN More 

DoKEN is a crypto project that was started in November 2021, with a vision to create a smart blockchain ecosystem that accommodates both developers and investors.

The DoKEN team consists of four members from Indonesia, USA, China and India respectively. They are committed to provide their best for the project and community.

DoKEN team has been able to deliver their roadmaps, faster than the estimated timeframe without any exceptions on their product quality.

“We believe that words and sweet promises alone will not be enough to deliver a classy product. We don’t want to take advantage of the trust given by our community by providing fake promises. Instead we try to deliver a product that that is elegant, useful and safe” – says the DoKEN developer DX

DoKEN currently has several utilities on its platform which includes

◦ 5% BUSD Rewards ( on BSC Network )

◦ Doken Swap (With live chart and order history)

◦ Doken Liquidity Locker

◦ Doken Token Locker

◦ Doken Dividend Hub (Reward tracker for any project)

◦ Doken Dojo (Staking platform)

◦ Dokenpad (Launchpad).

Why choose DoKEN Launchpad over PinkSale ? What are the advantages of DoKEN Launchpad? 

Of course this is the main question, why do we need to switch from pinksale to DoKEN Launchpad.

Before we start discussing on this further, let’s take a look at the pinksale first.

PinkSale is now arguably the biggest launchpad platform that is often used by developers to create IDO campaigns for their projects and used by investors to find potential IDOs.

But there are several aspects you need to consider before using them. Major aspects that needs to be considered are

◦ PinkSale charges high fee

◦ In addition PinkSale charges  2% of the token supply you use to conduct a presale campaign

◦ PinkSale has the right to sell the 2% charged supply whenever they want.

This is certainly very detrimental to a project and it is proven that many projects were wrecked by PinkSale because of their 2% token sell policy.

Have a look at this tweet from one of the crypto enthusiast expressing is displeasure about PinkSale.

Not to mention, all these profits they gain from fees or token sells are only going to the developer wallet. There are no benefits to PinkSale token holders.

Need a Change & Better Solution

DoKEN tries to provide a better solution, for developers and for investors, therefore DoKEN has just launched its newest utility, DoKEN Launchpad or more easily called DoKENPad

“We believe that there is a need for mutually beneficial cooperation, between service providers and customers, and we also really hope for success from projects that are raising funds through our launchpad platform” – said the DoKEN Team.

DoKEN offers a launchpad system that is quite different from PinkSale, where on the DoKEN platform, Presale has two classes, namely Normal Launchpad and Degen Launchpad. 

Degen Launchpad is designed for medium-sized projects, where in this category, some features are limited, such as limited softcap & hardcap, and several other things.

This is because in the Degen Launchpad , project owners are not required to do KYC, so the DoKEN team needs to protect potential investors from entering into a project that will be detrimental.

Normal Launchpad on the other hand is designed for projects that want unlimited access/features. All features are available in this category, such as Whitelist, and there is no Soft Cap and Hard Cap limit.

Project owners are required to go through the KYC process in order to register their presale in the Normal Launchpad category.

For KYC itself, DoKEN offers a KYC service at a very affordable price and a very smooth and safe process.

This very intuitive Launchpad display makes DoKEN one of the best presale service providers in the BSC ecosystem, and not only that, DoKEN has just expanded its ecosystem to the CRONOS network, and will also expand to other networks in the future.

Supply Allocation Inspection which provides detailed information regarding the distribution of supply allocation for a project.

DoKEN itself offers a much more affordable price than other platforms, and not only that, DoKEN also makes 50% of the profit obtained from using this launchpad as a DoKEN token buyback, so this can increase the price stability of DoKEN tokens in the market.

You can learn about the costs of this DoKEN launchpad in more detail by visiting this page:

DoKEN Launchpad also has a Voting feature located on smart contract, so that the voting data on a presale becomes relevant and cannot be manipulated like other launchpad service providers.

Launch & Stake your Token

 After you have successfully launched a project with DoKEN Launchpad, of course the next problem is how to keep your holder willing to become a Diamond Holder.

In response to this, DoKEN also has another utility that can be used, namely DoKEN Dojo, where any project can launch a staking pool for investors, so investors are still willing to become diamond holders which is very much needed to maintain price stability and market cap on a project.

There have been so many projects that have trusted the Dojo platform from DoKEN, and Dojo itself has become a new innovation that breaks down discrimination and standardization that requires project owners to pay tens of thousands of USD, while at Dojo the costs required are very affordable.

With the existence of Dojo, project owners can release a staking pool, with an easy registration process, and very affordable fees, and this has become evidence that several large degen projects such as “Grimace” have managed to maintain a stable valuation of their projects after they released Staking Pools together with DoKEN Dojo.

DoKEN Doesn’t Make Promises, DoKEN Deliver

Many projects are trying to use the same sweet promise, ranging from promising a launchpad system, some are selling nonsense by saying that their product is 100% complete and only needs to be tested, but in fact failed, and worse failed more than once and will continue to repeat.

While DoKEN is more focused on the process of implementing and developing a classy and quality product, of course without putting aside the security aspect, this is very visible in the performance and development process of DoKEN, which continues to carry out what has been written on its roadmap in accordance with the deadlines that have been set. promise.

“We don’t want to spit nonsense, the quality of the project will be reflected in the quality of the products produced. In essence we want to create an ecosystem that is really smart, not one that is ‘Smart’ ( with a quote ) ” – said DX While laughing

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Telegram : https://t. me/dokentoken

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