With blockchain-enabled games gaining popularity lately, we have been trying to push the envelope and come up with something original. 

We combined our interest in NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), anime art and gaming into one. This was how we came up with Idol Idol.

Idol Idol is an NFT-based Anime Dating Simulation game. It is a new spin on an old genre. Slated to launch in Q2 2022, the story revolves around the protagonist (the player), who is in the final year of high school at Idol Idol Academy (IIA) and wants to leave no regrets, including chasing one of the five most popular girls at school.

Throughout your journey, you will have to figure out what the girls like and develop your character’s stats: fitness, intelligence and money. This will be acquired as the game progresses, and you will get a chance to improve your relationship with them. Whether you will end up dating one or more of these beauties will depend on your charm!

The artwork is created by 5 highly popular Anime Artists. Many of them boast over 100,000 followers, with some reaching an audience of 300,000+. The characters are all stunning works of art and beauty, that much is a given.

And that’s not all.

One of the characters is based on a renowned DJ and adult actress influencer, Mao Hamasaki, who has over 600,000+ followers on social media platforms. This new way of incorporating real world influencers into the story makes the game more interesting.

Besides the typical dating simulation game, the team has incorporated NFTs into it. The NFTs will have various utilities:

  • Influence in-game storyline
  • Generate token yield (which can later be used to purchase in-game items and other merchandise)
  • Eligible for future token airdrops
  • Act as an early access pass to future NFT mints produced by the Idol Idol team and partners

The NFT you own will impact which storyline you play and how the story progresses. This is an innovative and challenging implementation, as the story is developed with multiple interesting scenarios, endings and possibilities in mind.

You will be able to play the initial story even if you don’t own an NFT, but won’t be able to enjoy the full experience. So be sure to get an NFT on mint day!

The team plans to launch 5,000 Founder’s edition NFTs at the end of April, which will be based on the five characters. The public mint price is expected to be 0.05 ETH, and the presale whitelist price will offer a 20% discount at 0.04 ETH. Be sure to join the Discord early or follow the Idol Idol project on Twitter to participate in the various giveaways.

Lastly, to complement the NFT, the team will be launching a $CHASE token with a fixed supply of 5,000,000,000 tokens.  NFT owners will be eligible to earn $CHASE tokens via staking their NFTs, as well as receive airdrops. This token can be used for a variety of things, such as:

  • Buying in-game items
  • Redeeming real-world Idol Idol merchandise
  • Be used to purchase future NFT mints
  • Rewarding engaged community members
  • Enticing people to join the ecosystem

The majority of token supply (75%) will be used for community development. The decisions regarding  how to use the fund will be decided by the team as well as the community. To achieve this, the team intends to utilize a Decentralized Voting System (DVS) that will allow token holders to voice their suggestions, which the Idol Idol team can implement.

By now, we have covered all the important aspects related to Idol Idol, the first revolutionary idea of NFT based Dating Simulations games. More information will be available in the days to come as we progress and complete the initial phases. Make sure to follow us on every platform for regular updates and be a part of this amazing journey!

Visit idolidol.io to know more about Idol Idol (and read the whitepaper)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Idolidol_Game

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/idolidol_official/

Discord: https://discord.gg/bfmgcbrCsW


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