The huge e-commerce has and is further expected to grow exponentially and is largely anticipated to own 10% of the world GDP by the year 2022. Gold has been tried for trading online but because of e-commerce, it didn’t get the required success. But the minimum volatility, enhanced portability along with more applications in the industry has made it one of the best asset for humanity.

Puregold is one of the promising platforms that keep an aim to uncover its potential by making use of its cryptocurrency token PGPAY and the first platform that offers a payment gateway for gold digital transactions. Gold with high influence on other currencies all over the nation, the demand for gold highly increases during inflation and should be part of a diverse portfolio.

How Puregold will help?

The extensive growth of cashless transactions has made people search for more affordable ways to go completely cashless. This is the reason; one should not overlook the magnificent rise by 11% in all transactional volumes. Along with that the entry of NFC as well as QR code, that is strengthening the digital payments, shall get more than 80% of the annual growth for doing mobile payments. It is hard to believe that mobile payments surpass $4 trillion. Bringing together the most precious asset and the platform, PureGold can make a great combination. You can trade gold by using crypto tokens through a perfect payment gateway.

It issues two tokens that are one PGPAY Token for doing transactions and PGG which is the digital form of the gold given by Puregold to PGPAY token holders as incentive.

PureGold is one of the best platforms that are different from gold cryptocurrencies which do not guarantee payment against the gold value. Rather PGG allows a complete payment gateway that is completely dedicated to Gold enabled crypto transactions. The gold kept in the third-party audit security with whom Puregold works for supervising and storing the invested gold.

By using the Blockchain potential, Puregold executes smart contracts for closing all deals as well as tagging all gold assets to the holder. It provides

  • Full information transparency about Gold in storage.
  • It offers the capability to gain from increased LBMA gold price.
  • It has very fast user registration and recognition.

PGPAY token: To allow the token holder for doing any transaction that also includes the offset amount on the Puregold.com.sg platform, PGPAY token can be utilized as the utility token. So, no matter whether you are buying any gold giant at the market value, selling off gold customer will still gain with 50% fewer fees. Apart from that, it can also flawlessly exchange for PureGold bars or rounds at highly affordable rates. All earnings obtained from gold commerce will make sure for doing long storage of gold, thereby enhancing the PGG supply. PGG can also be a reward to the PGPAY token holders at the sole discretion of PureGold. In short, we can say that Puregold is simply increasing customer experience as well as their convenience thereby uncovering the physical facilities for increasing the reach as well as trust.

PGPay token is supported out of Ethereum Platform and all of its tokens are ERC-20 dependent, and this conveys that it is highly compatible and user friendly. The platform is available for public since the month of November. The PgPay token has generated a total of 50 million, from which 45% are for sale at the time of pre-IEO and IEO sessions.

This token of PureGold is available for public sale IEO that is being hosted on Tokpie exchange and Whitebit Exchange The soft cap for IEO listing has been targeted to $1 million and the hard cap is $3 million. The IEO sale was started in Tokpie on December 2nd and will remain till 31st January, 2020. PureGold will be listed on Wbf Exchange within the upcoming week. Other than IEO sale and listing in these two exchanges, PGPay token will also be listed in some other exchanges like Coinlim, VinDax.

PGPay payment gateways: While the exchange of cryptocurrencies at the merchant sites is away from the widespread acceptance, PGPay App have achieved so much success. These gateways or terminals s created in association with retail outlets to allow customers to purchase the physical goods by exchanging the real physical gold or PGG. It keeps a record of all information as well as transactions. Being the extended feature of the customer mobile wallet app, the payment gateway is available in iOS as well as android. For all account holders to have access without a mistake there will be the installation of various Dispenser Machine in several locations. This machine allows consumers to buy curd by using the fiat currency. These machines will also be made modifications for offering two-directional functionality along with withdrawing of gold that is attacked to the ball.

Puregold is a pioneer of all gold minter and traders for the last 10 years. PureGold has impressive value with PGG as gold currency in a gateway platform that helps in more transactions that can be made against the Gold reserve. If you want to get the best returns for your gold savings then you must try this amazing platform!

Learn more about puregold on https://puregold.io/ or https:// www.pg-pay.com


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