The rise of cryptocurrency as a lucrative form of investment in the past couple of years has also aided in building a whole market of exchanges, Over The Counter (OTC) Desks and brokerage services. While exchanges are good for small-time traders, brokerage services come in handy for institutional investors who make high volume trades.

BitEclipse is among the very few trading platforms which offer all these services from a single platform. The firm is managed by a team of former Investment Bankers who have a combined

20 years+ experience in HFT (High-Frequency Trading) Hedge Fund and FinTech ICT Vendor industry.

BitEclipse is looking to fill the gap between centralized exchanges and the brokerage market as it provides both the services from one place. This attracts both small-time traders as well as institutional investors who can benefit from the brokerage network and OTC trade services available on the platform.

The platform is also a true all-in-one trading platform not just for cryptocurrencies but also offer multiple other asset trading services which include Forex, Commodity, Index CFD.

BitEclipse Promises High-Efficiency Trading Experience And Security For Funds

BitEclipse’s primary focus is making trading more user-friendly so that both first-time traders and the experienced ones can easily navigate and trade on its platform. Along with the trading experience, BitEclipse also boasts of high security in managing trades fund and also aiding the government bodies in fighting money laundering as well as terrorism funding.

The all-in-one platform offers numerous services, and features some of them are listed below:

  • Lending Service (in future)
  • Option Trading (in future)
  • Binary Option Trading (in future)
  • System / Copy Trade Service (in future)
  • Listing other Cryptocurrency or Token on BitEclipse Exchange Market
  • 54 Pairs – Forex, Commodity, Index CFD, and CryptoCurrency are all in 1 platform.
  • Up to 300X leverage. Ultra-low Latency Fair Execution. Industry-leading Security.
  • Deposit & Withdraw Margin Fund by Crypto  Currency – Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • The trading platform, wallet, communication are all secured with robust infrastructure & technology
  • The platform was built using cutting edge technology and best matched with HFT players
  • We will pay IB Affiliate Commission for all introduced trades up to Tier-10 level

The firm is looking to fulfill its long term goal of becoming the go-to online trading platform for masses. It is available worldwide and provides trading services even for the unbanked in many countries.

Along with multiple features and services across a range of assets, the trading platform also promises a highly competitive fee structure for its fast, reliable and secure transaction processing.

BET Token and BitEclipse Ecosystem

Biteclipse is currently also running a public sale for its BET token which would act as a default form of money for the variety of services provided in the BitEclipse ecosystem. The token will be listed on exchanges by 3rd February 2020. The firm is also running an IEO which started on 2nd December 2019 and will continue till 31st January 2020. Each BET token is valued at $3 and a total of 10,000,000 these tokens are available for public sale via IEO. The token also has a maximum cap of 100,000,000 BET.

BET token will give its owner a lot of benefits and also it will allow its owners to utilize it as a Margin Fund for trading with BitEclipse. The BET Benefits will be applied immediately on users’ accounts after the purchase even and prior to the Listing Date. The BET may be re-organized as a Block-chained Cryptocurrency, listed on other exchanges, and could be utilized as a payment method in the future.

The firm also noted that transparency in their ecosystem will help them become a leader in the brokerage and online exchange market. The firm also said that they are presenting a complete ecosystem in function which should provide more confidence in people looking to invest in the firm.

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