The rapid growth of NFTs in 2021—following the mass adoption of StepN NFT Running Shoes, Axie Infinity, FarmersWorld, etc.—has finally slowed down to a more stable pace, as blockchain games have regained control of the NFT market. While DeFi projects still enjoy a significant market and robust demand from the current user requirements’ standpoint, blockchain games are quickly regaining popularity among blockchain industry enthusiasts.

Comparable to DeFi’s growth trajectory, the industry’s creators and value-capturers are always the first in line to capitalize on new trends in the NFT sector. Versailles Heroes is a massively multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with a grand epic background that has decided to join this new market trend following the return of blockchain games’ popularity. Versailles Heroes serves as an excellent value creator for NFT collectors as the project devotes itself to creating a blockchain game that players can effectively play.

According to their recent tweet, the Versailles Heroes NFT will soon November 25th be available on Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Before making its way to Binance, this exciting NFT project went live on OpenSea, Coinbase, the OKX NFT marketplace, and other well-known NFT marketplaces.

Versailles Heroes NFT MOBA Exciting Gameplay

Incorporating GameFi, DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse aspects into a pure chain game, Versailles Heroes is built on the Ethereum to make use of its ecological prowess and technological effectiveness.

By using the open, fair, and decentralized features of DAO smart contracts, the developers of the blockchain game are quickly realizing its roadmap to offer a game that everyone can contribute to.

Project Plan

Versailles Heroes aims to strengthen the ecosystem by becoming a cutting-edge framework for game planning, design, and production, guaranteeing an exceptional experience of entertainment and gaming excitement, and using robust tools for effective player interaction and participation.

Exciting Background Story

The Empire of Missihill, Empire of Dresk, Rothstein City, Azbanca, and the North Thousand Island are the five places that the game focuses on, with the Versailles continent from star wars serving as a clue. The diverse roles that these areas play in the game are based on their geography and the sorts of people that live there. Rothstein, for instance, is the birthplace of many heroes and the arena of the Versailles continent.

Rich Gameplay

With a deep storyline in place, classic games like Warcraft and League of Legends take a more visceral approach to developing game modes and settings for hero characters. Heroes and their weapons in the game are assigned certain roles, such as mages, assassins, marksmen, tanks, and support  and so on. All these characters’ weapons are based on the NFT of ERC-721 standard, and each one has its own special qualities.

Versailles Heroes offers a variety of distinct game modes, such as the Practice Grounds, Deathmatch (4V4 Classic Match), Battle Royale Solo/Duos, Trophy Collection (4V4 Special Game), Inhibitor Rush(4V4 King’s Canyon), Battle Wager Mode, Custom Wager Mode, and so on to keep players involved and cater to a wide range of preferences.

When the game launches, players who buy NFT heroes or weapons, play in whatever mode they choose, and follow the rules may earn a lot of money.

Tokenomics and Burning Mechanism

Versailles Heroes has duo tokenomics which is a consistent economic model with the standard for blockchain games in the NFT space.

The NFT game has two tokens called MOH and VRH. While the former is used mostly for in-game circulation (purchasing gold, NFT, props, etc.), the latter is used to aid with DAO governance outside of the game (voting, pledging, trading, etc.).

Playing for gold is the primary source of MOH while pledging and voting are the primary sources of VRH, both of which may be bought and sold on the market. It is possible to exchange both on the market.

Users that want to speed up the mining of VRH may get Gas by burning MOH, and the quantity of VRH mined by users is calculated based on the weight of the whole network’s Gas, ensuring a more even distribution of MOH and VRH. By utilizing MOH as the form of Gas to boost VRH mining speed to up to 2.5 times is a major function of MOH outside of the game. It is a valuable application of in-game token which helps balance the circulation and avoid devaluation of MOH. The prices of both tokens are stabilized by limiting the expansion of the circulating disk in this manner.

Fair Game Rules

Versailles Heroes classifies its characters and weapons into four tiers—common, rare, epic, and legendary—based on the difficulty level used to balance the game. Upgrading heroes is an essential component of the game since various levels of heroes and weapons receive varying privileges and token awards in battles, such as legendary-level heroes and weapons having access to additional combat fields or daily MOH rewards.

The game also features the ELO system and AI players considering the level restrictions. The ELO system will match players appropriately based on their game experience and win rate, pairing players with opponents of a similar level as far as possible to provide fairness and a positive gaming experience. New players will be paired with AI to lessen the complexity of the game.

Game Launch Appetizer: Mystery Box and IDO

After the launch of NFT trading marketplaces like OpenSea, Coinbase, and OKX, the development of the NFT MOBA Game Versailles Heroes has significantly accelerated to provide NFT owners and collectors with the game very soon.

Before the game testing begins, Versailles Heroes will officially release a mystery box worldwide. Those who buy it will have a chance to get legendary-level hero weapons and NFT heroes at random. Top heroes and weapons translate into high game income, therefore participating in mystery box sales allows early NFT adopters to make more profits than making a straight purchase from the NFT market.

When the game launches, the NFT project will shortly begin a round of IDO to give community investors a very cheap price, which, according to the prediction, could be the lowest price in the history of VRH. This is due to the game’s governance tokens, VRH, more than 70% will be distributed to community, ensuring a smooth start of DAO governance.

We predict that Versailles Heroes will become the next best chain game thanks to its massive game design, diversified gameplay, fair game regulations, and acceptable duo pass model, as well as its online NFT release on Coinbase, OpenSea, OKX, and other giants platforms.