Flappy Inu is not just a low-tax token but also an NFT and a game based on the classic flappy bird. It’s a community-owned ecosystem developed for the community by the community. Read on to know everything the Flappy Inu project offers and how it wants to serve a noble cause.

NFTs are set to revolutionize the Blockchain world. Besides having various applications in arts, music, entertainment, and gaming, NFTs bring much more to the table by fundamentally changing the concept of digital ownership. You may have heard of NFTs generating active and passive incomes, but NFTs as a charitable value is something unheard of until now. Flappy Inu is one such project which aims to provide for the cause of world hunger. Besides, it offers a lot more for each community member. Here’s everything you need to know about the Flappy Inu project and why it is a tremendous investment opportunity currently.

What is Flappy Inu?

Flappy Inu is an NFT mobile game based on the classic Flappy Bird. Besides, Flappy Inu is an NFT token that rewards holders for being part of the community, and there is no fee involved. On its release, the token will be donated to various organizations that work towards resolving a perennial global issue, hunger.

Flappy Inu Token: 

Flappy Inu Token is a unique token that automatically rewards holders. Holding on passively to the token generates more rewards and enhances its value because the supply deflates as you transact.

Flappy Inu NFT:

Flappy Inu allows users to create their unique NFTs within the game and also trade them. Besides, the NFT creators can also use them while playing the game.

Flappy Inu Game: 

Flappy Inu Game is a Blockchain-based P2E (Play-to-Earn) game that is compatible with Flappy Inu NFTs. As you move up the ladder to reach the top, you get monthly rewards in the form of Flappy Inu Token.

Why Flappy Inu is Making Rounds in the News

The classic Flappy Bird garnered attention from around the world when it was first launched in 2013. The game is simple; one just needs to keep the flying bird moving ahead while avoiding the pipes, and it keeps one hooked to the screen in the hope of making a new high score in the next turn. Flappy Inu has been in the news for the cause it supports, i.e., solving the global issue of hunger. The Flappy Inu Token will be donated to various organizations pledged to remove hunger from nations worldwide. Besides enhancing your chances of earning passive income, Flappy Inu allows users to be part of a more significant global initiative.

Currently, Flappy Inu is available at PancakeSwap to purchase. However, to buy Flappy Inu, you need to send BNB coins to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) via MetaMask wallet, you can follow this step-by-step and very informative post to do so.

What Separates Flappy Inu From The Rest?

Cryptocurrency has been deemed to play a significant role in the world economy, as the overall market cap of cryptocurrencies is just shy of touching the $3 trillion mark. However, there are a lot of projects that have just been built around hype, do not offer any real use-cases, and are there for mere pump and dump. Besides striving to solve the issue of global hunger, Flappy Inu is different because it provides the ideal mix of transparency, trust, innovation, talent, and utility. 

Flappy Inu has a unique tokenomics structure complete with a customized DApp and an ecosystem that is poised to revolutionize the landscape of BSC token economics. Flappy Inu rewards NFT creators by providing them ample scope to create numerous NFTs that gamers can use in the game. Besides, the ecosystem allows them to trade in these NFTs and enable interested buyers to purchase and use them to enhance their gaming pleasure. In addition, they can sell the NFT further to others while protecting the original creator’s rights. The tokenomics is unique as there is no transaction fee or any funds earmarked for marketing. Flappy Inu depends on its massive social media base to spread the word instead of spending millions on marketing. The major chunk goes towards generating rewards and liquidity. 

Finally, this NFT is committed to a more significant social cause. On the launch of the Flappy Inu token, it will be donated to organizations that play defining roles in eliminating hunger from the world. 

Reasons to Invest: Why Should You Buy Flappy Inu?

In Blockchain-based P2E games, the initial players or investors are the ones who make the maximum money. Flappy Inu will be fully decentralized with the first DAO and the boards, with 100% of the profits going back to the users. Therefore, it makes sense for players to hold on to the token and make the most of the opportunity. 

Passive Income:

Flappy Inu is unique as the supply automatically deflates as transactions occur on the platform. Therefore, users gain by holding on to their tokens passively. As a result, the token’s value increases and thus automatically rewards holders.

Auto Liquidity:

Flappy Inu’s tokenomics ensure that 2% of every trade (buy/sell) transaction is permanently added to the liquidity pool. Thus, it guarantees an increase in the floor price, besides enhancing the safety of users’ funds.

Trust and Transparency:

Trust is of paramount significance to the cryptocurrency market. As Flappy Inu is ownerless, fully decentralized, and supported by the community, it enhances trust and transparency. In addition, high-quality security features like top-grade audits of Flappy Inu’s code and the burning of liquidity tokens reduce the risk of malicious behavior to increase the trust factor.

Community Driven:

Flappy Inu’s highlight is its community-driven approach as it encourages free and frank communication amongst community supporters. It ensures that willing supporters can participate in every step of Flappy Inu’s growth. 

Final words

Cryptocurrencies are all about decentralization and giving power into the hands of the community members who are able to comprehend how truly revolutionary the concept is. Flappy Inu endeavors to build on this trust and reward the community members in three ways: Flappy Inu Token, Flappy Inu NFTs, and Flappy Inu Game, based on the classic Flappy Bird. However, what sets it apart is the noble cause it wants to serve, which is to solve world hunger. It is one of the best projects to invest in right now, as it’s still in its initial stages and can give incredible returns once it captures the attention of some of the crypto whales.


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