GYM NETWORK is a Binance Smart Chain-based totally decentralized protocol that is set to launch the 2.0 version of its platform with added features and more security. The network gives its users optimal yields and substantial prizes, as well as an additional earning mechanism through the built-in affiliate system. As a result of the DeFi project, investors have quick access and save a lot of time. The platform also completed a very successful pre-sale where users purchased the native tokens in hoards.

GYM NETWORK is a DeFi Aggregator Investment System that provides its members with the highest yields and prizes. As a result, you’ll have quick access to information and save a lot of time. Imagine receiving the finest DeFi yield offers sent to your wallet. It’s finally time to bring your dreams to life!

Gym network can be used as a Vault, as a Single Farm, and as Liquidity Mining. So users have three ways to get more out of their tokens. In parallel, the platform is always working on the utility of the GYMNET Token. This token will be the basis of a system around which you can develop a lucrative affiliate career. As we continue to launch new services like the NFTs, launchpad and the metaverse (see the roadmap for more details) the value created will improve the utility and price of the GYMNET token. Over the next few quarters, holding GYMNET will give bring you passive rewards and the opportunity to earn from the new services. Our pledge to the community that has been with us since the launch of the 1.0 version is that holding GYMNET continues to be the best decision for your career.

GYM NETWORK has a smart contract-based affiliate system in place, which means that agreements between users will be fulfilled automatically, saving time and eliminating the need for an intermediary.

What makes Gym Network the Future of Web 3.0

GYM NETWORK is about producing something new and inventive based on current, proven processes, rather than reinventing the wheel. The most significant update is the addition of awards for users who participate in the protocol, as well as the implementation of an affiliate system that allows you to earn affiliate commissions by referring other users.

The users own the GYM NETWORK. Each user gets voting power based on the amount of GYMNET tokens they own. You will be able to suggest new “Exercise Routines” (proposals to improve the system) and vote on those proposed by others if you own GYMNET.

Even tech behemoths like Facebook are interested in investing in the metaverse. The metaverse, according to Zuckerberg, is the mobile internet’s replacement. Zuckerberg and Facebook want to obtain a competitive advantage in the digital world by using technology. The internet is about to undergo a revolution that will have far-reaching consequences for society as a whole. The metaverse’s new period will foster innovation and provide businesses with new opportunities. Metaverse producers like Gym Network will, of course, create a persistent virtual environment. As people develop and sell commodities in a digital world, “Augmented Reality” (AR) will play a crucial role in this process.

In the Gym’s metaverse, yield farming is an additional option. Yield farming is essentially the practise of lending or staking bitcoin currencies in exchange for benefits like transaction fees and interest. Gym Network has created an exclusive play & earn solution that is exclusively available on the Gym platform when it comes to recreation.

GYMNET Vault and Earning Opportunities

GYMNET Tokenomics gives every user the opportunity to earn long-term rewards over and over again. They are based on the development of GYMNET’s own project development, such as the lucrative Vaults, and also on the development of the independent Metaverse platform, which gives users access to GYMNET.

GYMNET is a freely traded token on the market. PancakeSwap is where you’ll find it. The team contributed the first liquidity to this market, however, we want to reward anyone that provides liquidity (tokens) to this market. Users are rewarded with 15% (60M) of all GYMNET token inflation in exchange for providing liquidity to the BNB/GYMNET market.

Liquidity may be readily added via the GYM NETWORK platform’s farming page.

Under “Total Staked,” you can see how much GYMNET token has contributed to the market’s liquidity. Then you may see how much of this liquidity you gave under “My Stake.” Under “Unclaimed GYMNET,” you can also check your benefits for providing liquidity.

The affiliate marketing mechanism can only be used if the user has been given a referral code. New users will find their referral code in their dashboard, which they can use to invite others to join, earning affiliate commissions on top of the vault’s and the GYMNET token’s investment benefits. When your sponsored investors make deposits into the vault, the profits earned are split 50/50, meaning the investors get their profit share and you get profit commissions as their sponsor.

You earn commissions as long as your sponsored partners are active inside GYM NETWORK, which amounts to a nice passive revenue stream. Assist people in making money with DeFi and get passive revenue in the process. When there aren’t enough levels, the commission is transferred to the system’s treasury, where it will be utilized solely for promotion and events. The address of the Treasury is open to the public.

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