Description: QuiverX Capital is an advanced crowdfunding and decentralized platform that has changed the way people pay, earn, and perform various activities.


The blockchain revolution and technology have changed money, businesses, and the entire world of commerce. This distributed, open, and global platform has transformed how people earn, pay, and perform a host of activities and functions. The QuiverX Capital, Ltd., crypto project is one such project that has managed to usher in innovation through the blockchain revolution. A decentralized and unique crowdfunding platform, it allows for digital assets to interact with the material world through a dynamic model that allows users to support and grow businesses of their choosing.

QuiverX Capital is an investment portal for traditional and crypto-related small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It also offers a range of high-value features such as:

• QuiverX-xEarn Governance Portal
• QuiverX-xReward Program (staking)
• QuiverX-Liquidity xChange
• QuiverX-xCard (point of sale debit cards)
• QuiverX-xWallet
• QuiverX-xATM
• QuiverX-eXcel Program

In this article, learn more about the QuiverX Platform and how the blockchain revolution is ushering in new avenues for wealth.

What Problem is QuiverX Capital Solving?

Currently, the overall market capitalization for digital currencies is around $350 Billion in terms of investment capital. This money is held in individual wallets or exchanges. At present, there are limited use cases in the crypto market for these digital assets, meaning that holders of Cryptocurrency typically earn money through frequent trading.

Businesses thus far have not been able to access the potentially enormous amount of funds that could be available through Cryptocurrency. The QuiverX Platform is being built to allow holders of Cryptocurrency to invest in and support SMEs, meaning that the value of their investments no longer relies on the crypto market – but is rather based in the individual investor’s ability to choose a successful project to invest in. At the same time, this provides businesses the capital they need to grow, which may be inaccessible to them through traditional means of lending.

The QuiverX platform is a Win-Win Solution for individuals and businesses, which we turn to next.

What is the Solution?

QuiverX is designing a fresh and distinct wave in the world of decentralized finance via the use of liquidity pools as well as smart contracts, thus ushering in an innovative crowdfunding model during the blockchain revolution. The model will connect the SMEs and investors directly, offering transparency as well as full control of the investment capital involved. The QuiverX platform is being developed to make crypto funds accessible to SMEs – and allow cryptocurrency holders to have a broader reach to access a range of investment opportunities.

Businesses looking to list with QuiverX will have to follow all of the requisite regulatory guidelines and structures according to their region and should also meet the expectations related to due diligence through the completion of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

In addition to this, business resolutions, articles of incorporation, business licenses, as well as the business and financial plan need to be provided along with every application. Cryptocurrency-based and non-crypto currency based enterprises can organize fundraising campaigns only if all the criteria are being met for listing on the QuiverX Capital platform.

As far as the investments on the QuiverX Capital platform are concerned, they are high-risk growth and start-up companies that offer potentially high rewards. Investors who offer liquidity to firms will be provided with a pool of liquidity token that represents their position in the fundraising pool. Investors can thus choose to keep the token until the time the firm announces its IPO. Additionally, investors will be allowed to sell their liquidity pool tokens on the platform as they see fit.

QuiverX is a utility token for paying for services on the website, advertisements, promotions, transaction fees, and listings. Users get incentives for holding the token and thus get quick access to opportunities for investment, reduced network fees, as well as monthly rewards for holding QuiverX tokens.

Importantly, QuiverX is the utility token that will be the underlying asset on the point-of-sale payment cards, which can be utilized anywhere major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) are accepted.

How is Blockchain Revolutionizing Investment Management?

The blockchain revolution was the wave of popular interest in Cryptocurrency that fortified popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. At present, this technology is receiving a great deal of attention because of its capability to offer a strong infrastructure for executing and recording transactions. Blockchain has excellent potential to transform how investment management is carried out within the banking and financial sector by using smart contracts, digital identities, and other unique components.

The banking and finance sector has been a major contributor to the development of the blockchain application. The blockchain revolution and technology affect investment management in different ways. They provide an excellent option for collaboration, support market resiliency, and allow multiple networks to collaborate openly. Furthermore, blockchain extends improved data security and privacy by transforming the manner in which data is stored and accessed within the network.

Why QuiverX Capital?

QuiverX not only ushers in the blockchain revolution but also takes investing to a higher level. By using blockchain, investors now have the opportunity to own fractional shares of high-yielding investments. It offers investors a sustainable and effective way to earn a passive income.

QuiverX Capital offers a range of services. With the help of smart contracts that are created on the network, users will have the opportunity to invest with complete transparency and confidence. Apart from promoting the growth of the blockchain revolution, QuiverX also offers an online wallet that lets you easily transfer, store, buy and trade assets in the digital wallet.

The QuiverX token can easily be exchanged to invest in different cryptocurrencies and other investment opportunities that are accessible through the QuixerX Platform.

Spend Cryptocurrencies Anywhere

QuiverX Capital has partnered with Ternio Blockcard, which is SEC and FDIC regulated to bring point-of-sale payment cards to the QuiverX ecosystem. This will allow you to easily access all your funds. You can load the payment card either automatically, or manually in the QuiverX platform. This can be achieved through recurring payments from your bank account, or by exchanging your digital assets for the QuiverX token.

QuiverX-xReward Program

QuiverX Capital-xReward program provides different opportunities throughout the year to those who leave their tokens in any of the secured staking pools. Staking allows QuiverX token holders the opportunity to earn a return on their investment. xRewards utilizes Ferrum Networks’ specialized staking technology, which is a time-tested, secure option to earn extra QRX rewards.

QuiverX-xEarn Governance Portal

The QuiverX-xEarn Governance Portal/site is a unique and highly interactive community that holders of xEarn tokens can exclusively access. Some of its features include: an interactive chat, individual user profiles, community forums, and voting on featured projects.

QuiverX-Liquidity xChange

The QuiverX-Liquidity xChange is a P2P (peer-to-peer) service that offers a direct means of selling, buying, and auctioning liquidity. This frees up locked capital for liquidity providers and also offers a means of entering locked liquidity for an individual who may want to enter after the pool has been locked.

In addition to this, it offers an incentive to individuals to enter into locked liquidity and reduces potential losses due to the hypothetical necessity to exit liquidity pools early.

The QuiverX xWallet


The QuiverX xWallet, a highly secure and safe wallet, is designed for keeping the ERC-20 digital tokens. Features of the digital wallet include:

  • Holding QuiverX within the digital wallet allows you to earn passive rewards with a target of around 7.42% APY.
  • The Buying feature enables users to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat money.
  • The Swap feature is integrated with 1inch.exchange, which is the leading DEX Aggregator currently on the market. DEX Aggregators combine different decentralized exchanges like 1inch. exchange, Uniswap Protocol, and more to offer users the best available prices on the market.

The QuiverX xWallet will also include all of the standard functionalities of any cryptocurrency wallet such as: exporting and importing of digital wallets; issuance of private keys; transferring between wallets; and connecting the xWallet to third-party DAPPS.

How Does QuiverX Capital Help Investors to Earn Like Professionals?

The QuiverX Capital platform enables investors to use smart contracts on the Ethereum network as well as transparently invest their digital currencies. Using the QuiverX Capital xWallet, one can easily store, transfer, and monitor trade-based information on their assets within the digital wallet.

QuiverX Capital is using the blockchain revolution to enter secondary markets that have previously been inaccessible, thus offering opportunities for high-value investments at a lower barrier of entry.


To sum up, if you are an investor who is searching for an advanced platform for conducting secure, safe, and high-value digital transactions while functioning anonymously, then QuiverX Capital is the right platform for you. The QuiverX Capital platform is uniquely remodelling crowdfunding to provide cryptocurrency investors a dynamic and simple way to access the untapped potential of traditional markets. With minimal fees, QuiverX makes the entire process of investment management both convenient and simple!

Source : Platinum Crypto Academy


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