QuiverX Capital and Ternio Blockcard have teamed up to bring point of sale payment cards to the QuiverX ecosystem. Holders of QuiverX will have the ability to load their QRX tokens into their account and use their card to pay vendors without having to manually exchange them into fiat currency.

Additionally, businesses fundraising on the platform will be using the cards to gain access to their funds, increasing ease of use and accessibility.

Ternio is registered with the FDIC and SEC making QuiverX Blockcard by Ternio a secure and functional way for you to access and use your QuiverX tokens.

In order to enroll for a QuiverX Blockcard, holders will need to stake their QRX tokens for a minimum of 6 months to be able to utilize quality and must continue to stake their QRX tokens to gain access to benefits and perks for the reward tier of their choosing. Staking begins January 11, 2021.

The goal for the QuiverX team is to have cards in transit to holders by June 2021.


For any other questions please visit our Whitepaper on QuiverX.io or read one of our many Medium articles.

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