Customers shopping for top quality SARMS and peptides on Melanotan Express can now pay with bitcoin and enjoy fast transaction time, secure payment processing, and many other benefits

Melanotan Express is proud to announce they now accept Bitcoin as a payment option on their platform. The company has partnered with Blockonomics, a leading provider of crypto payment services for online merchants.

Customers who prefer to pay with Bitcoin for any of their purchases can do so in a safe and secured environment. Paying with bitcoin ensures fast transaction times, saving clients time and stress. By accepting bitcoin on their eCommerce store, Melanotan Express shows their continued commitment to improving customer service experience for their shoppers.

Payment through digital currency and cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, is already a trend among eCommerce stores and big corporations worldwide. It offers a smooth, easy, and simple way for customers to shop and pay for their goods and services with fewer challenges compared to other types of payment. There are no additional fees or charges and no third-party interference. Melanotan Express is joining the long list of big companies like Microsoft, Pizza Hut, Microsoft, Twitch, Overstock, Wikipedia, and AT&T, who also accept bitcoin from customers. It’s an exciting trend that’s changing the eCommerce industry and encouraging more people to feel safe while they shop online.

Melanotan Express offers a massive collection of peptides and SARMs for sale in their online store. Customers can shop for USA catalog SARMs, liquids, and peptides, including Melanotan 2, RAD-140, MK-677. Shoppers also get 99% or higher purity in all products they order. They offer 24 hours processing of orders and 24/7 live telephone support for customer service. Also, all USA purchases $150 and above qualifies for free priority shipping.

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About Melanotan Express

Melanotan Express is a leading online retailer of top-quality SARMS and peptides. The company has been in existence since 2015, helping clients get good products at very affordable prices. The company employs the latest technology to ensure that customers continue to get best quality products.

About Blockonomics

Blockonomics provides individuals, eCommerce stores, and businesses the technology to accept bitcoin from clients. They have over 40,000 users worldwide and offer a safe and secure payment platform that protect both the business and their users. Online stores can create and send bitcoin invoices and track the payment to ensure higher accountability.

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