With the advent of the digital age, various digital platforms and marketplaces are introducing new payment solutions. In the past, offline and online payments were separated, but the development of fintech technology has broken the boundaries between online and offline payments.

And these advances in payment and fintech technologies have brought a lot of utility to each consumer and seller. Recently, the demand for blockchain-based payment solutions is increasing. Blockchain is exchanged based on decentralized networks, making it difficult to utilize established fintech technologies.

In addition, as the NFT market grows rapidly, the demand for NFT payment solutions is also increasing at the same time. However, since NFT is also issued and exchanged through decentralized networks, it is difficult to introduce established fintech solutions here.

Hugcoin is developing Payment Protocol 2.0 that solves these problems and supports offline and online as well as blockchain, Metaverse, and NFT marketplace payments.

Payment Protocol 2.0

Payment Protocol 2.0 is a new payment protocol that combines fintech, which was paid through brokerage by existing PG companies, and blockchain payment based on decentralized networks.

Hug Coin indexes data from the real market to the Hug Coin Network through Oracle and allows the Hug Coin Payment platform to synchronize blockchain, real products, and goods in real time to make payments.

In particular, fees are also cheaper than existing payment solutions because they do not go through PG companies when paying with blockchain tokens or coins.


Hug Coin has several partners that stand out in the real economy. In February, preparations for the initial expansion of the platform were strengthened through a major alliance reorganization, and an announcement of the alliance company is scheduled soon.

It would be nice to wait and see what changes Hug Coin will lead through Payment Protocol 2.0 in the future. For those interested in Hugcoin, please refer to the URL below.


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