The Tikpay team stated that in order to further expand the Tikpay service, it will be officially launched on NICOEX on July 14. This news will undoubtedly have an incentive effect on the market. First, let’s talk about the recent rapid rise in the blockchain payment field. Tikpay Token.

TPT is the abbreviation of TikPay Token. It is the main currency used by Tikpay. As a network platform for cross-chain information and transaction transmission, Tikpay can support cross-chain and cross-network point-to-point information communication and transaction transmission among different financial institutions. Settlement. Tikpay not only allows merchants to connect to serve all TikPay Token holders, but it can also provide extensive, in-depth and comprehensive blockchain-based services to financial institutions around the world. TikPay Token (TPT), as the basic token of the Tikpay system, is safe and reliable, supports real-time transactions and clearing, and meets the needs of privacy protection.

Since July 1st, TikPay Token has been implemented in China, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia and other regions. Through the dedicated T-POS system, including chain supermarkets and shopping malls, they have begun to accept TikPay Token consumption, which is undoubtedly a consensus. A solid foundation has been laid in all aspects of, circulation, and applications, and the exchange NICOEX where TikPay Token will be launched also has a strong background.

NICOEX is committed to building the most professional legal currency digital currency exchange in the Chinese world, and will actively cultivate high-quality blockchain projects. Its team comes from industry elites in finance, information, marketing, and blockchain, and will provide the safest transaction channels and the highest standard user experience. It also works closely with international law firms, accountants, large banks, regulatory agencies and legislative units, etc., as the role of “ABA Blockchain Accelerator”, occupying a place in the blockchain market. The four licenses of BDF, CYSEC, FCA, and BAFIN owned by NICOEX also represent that it has obtained international recognition, allowing investors in the market to deposit their digital assets in NICOEX more assured.

The launch of Tikpay Token on NICOEX on July 14 undoubtedly aroused the high attention of the market. Unlike general tokens listed on exchanges, Tikpay has accumulated a certain amount of market traffic first and has already been applied. , Was officially launched on the exchange, and the pull-up effect caused by currency prices must be even more amazing. I believe many market investors are waiting to see.

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