Blind Doge

The crypto market is known for bringing new opportunities and use cases for different sections of people. A new initiative focused on charity for the blind with a decentralized earning opportunity has hit the market in the form of Blind Doge. The initiative was born out of the personal suffering of an investor couple whose child lost their vision over time due to illness making them realize the sufferings of a blind person. They teamed up with a set of developers to create a charity token that would not only bring awareness around the blind but also make charity to guide dog foundations to help both blind children and stray dogs.

The project is built on top of the very popular Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and works as decentralized finance (defi). Defi has emerged as a key use case out of the crypto world in the past couple of years that has built a multi-billion dollar industry around it. While Defi started on the Ethereum blockchain, BSC became a popular choice in 2021 owing to the rising gas fee problem on the second-largest blockchain. The growth of defi from a few million industries to a multi-billion dollar ecosystem shows that the crypto community takes a significant interest in DeFi, but it’s still a small enough sector that many outside the industry may not have heard of DeFi yet.

Blind Doge protocol has been designed as a forked codebase of RFI and modified to enable better features It also has the added advantage of locking the liquidity for user protection, all adviser tokens will be placed in time locks smart contracts. Tokens will be distributed every 60 minutes and transparently. All smart contracts will be audited to guarantee safe and secure code now isn’t that a breath of fresh air? as a full defi protocol a range of services does not end.

Blind Doge Let’s You Earn in Your Sleep

$BDoge token ecosystem is sound, secure, and built on a mechanism to help its holders gain from their investment even when they are not trading. The deflationary model of the token makes itself appreciating. By buying and holding $Bdoge, users will get a 10 % BNB reflection reward for every Hour automatically sent to users’ wallets. As long as traders hold $Bdoge tokens, they will get a BNB reward. The $Bdoge token is a super deflationary defi token for the investors, $Bdoge token has a rich reward model.

Blind Doge applies a 15% fee to each transaction and the fees are instantly split and distributed as $BNB rewards/dividends among all token holders. 10% BNB rewards get split between holders and 3% will be added to the Liquidity pool and 2% goes to charity wallet to save doges and support Blind People. Blind Doge utilizes the latest protocol advancements on the bleeding edge of blockchain and smart contract tech and is laser-focused on efficient, fast & frictionless yield generation for id holders. Just holding on to the wallet, holders receive dividends with each transaction without any additional gas fees and directly to their wallets in real-time.

  • 10% Redistribution in BNB
  • Auto-paid : You hold and receive BNB every 60 minutes
  • 3% Liquidity pool
  • 2% Charity
  • Anti-whale : 0.1% max sell and +3% extra sell fee

$Bdoge is 100% decentralized and secure on the binance smart chain. There is no interface or website required to claim rewards or to stake tokens. None of the vaults could be hacked or treasury funds could be stolen or sold.

How to Buy $BDoge?

The deflationary token is quite easy to purchase and swap using the BNB token and Metamask. The token is available on BSC’s most popular Dex PancakeSwap and here how you can get hold of it in four simple steps.

1.Create a MetaMask Wallet:

$BDOGE token is available on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. MetaMask is the market leader in BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) wallets. On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask’s app for iPhone or Android. Then add binance smart chain to MetaMask.

2. Send $BNB to MetaMask:

Buy BNB through MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet on the Binance Smart Chain network (e.g. Coinbase or Binance).

3. Visit $BDOGE’s Exchange Page:

Traders can currently buy $BDOGE on PancakeSwap, $BDOGE’s official decentralized exchange where you can swap any BEP20 token.

4. Swap $BNB for $BDOGE

Enter the amount of $BNB you would like to swap for $BDOGE. Click Connect Wallet then Swap.

The project is well on course having successfully achieved all its goals of the first phase of 2021, including a BSC main net launch.


  • Token Name: Blind Doge
  • Symbol : $Bdoge
  • Total Supply: 1Trillion
  • Token Network: BSC

Token Distribution :

  • Air Drop : 3%
  • Private sale : 10 %
  • Presale : 47 %
  • Pancake : 33 %
  • Marketing : 5 %
  • Team : 2%

To learn more about Blind Doge visit

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Telegram :
Whitepaper :


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