Luna Cat, the latest entrant in the NFTs market, is all set to amaze investors and offer the highest returns in the segment. Ever since the Luna crash, investors have been highly cautious and are looking for reliable options. And, in a market so volatile where the value of tokens constantly fluctuates, finding a safe investment option seems like an intricate task. But, that’s not the case anymore! With the launch of the catchy Luna Cat NFTs, you can now safely invest and earn high returns through staking.

About the Luna Cat NFT collection

Luna is one of the popular characters from the Sailor Moon media franchise, an anime show that has been appreciated by anime lovers from across the globe. Luna is a black cat that can talk and serves as a mentor and guide for her companions. After the fall of $LUNA, the Sailor Guardians, female protagonists in the Sailor Moon franchise, teamed up and decided to send Luna to the moon in order to save the earth.

Developed on the Binance Smart Chain, the Luna Cat NFT is all about creativity and high ROI (Return on Investment). And don’t be mistaken, it won’t just cater to the Sailor Moon fans, but with its catchy appearance and a user and market-oriented tokenomics to back the native token, the Luna Cat NFT project is set to create a storm worldwide. A storm that would make people forget about the $LUNA crash!

The total number of NFTs is capped at 1000, and these will be categorized under 4 rarity levels, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary, here is their distribution:

Common NFTs: 520 (300% when unlocked and 750% when locked for a period of 4 weeks)

Uncommon NFTs: 430 (450% when unlocked and 1125% when locked for a period of 4 weeks)

Rare NFTs: 45 (900% when unlocked and 2250% when locked for a period of 4 weeks) 

Legendary NFTs: 5 (1500% when unlocked and 3750% when locked for a period of 4 weeks)

Based on the rarity level, each NFT will offer a different APY (Annual Percentage Yield). The rarer the NFT, the higher the APY, as evident from the information above. 

Also, with the locking period coming into the picture, you can get a higher APY by locking your NFTs for a set period. At present, there are four options available, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks, and the returns are the highest for the 4 weeks period. So, with the right approach and proper planning, investors can earn up to 3750% APY on their investment.

Besides, investors can mint the Luna Cat NFTs a lot cheaper initially. The first 400 NFTs will be available at 0.3 $BNB, the ones from 401-700 at 0.5 $BNB, and the last 300 NFTs would be the costliest, priced at $0.7 BNB. A closer look at the numbers reveals that inventors can purchase twice as many NFTs initially when compared to investing later on. So, hurry up and be among the first to mint the Luna Cat NFTs!

The staking process is also pretty simple, and you can add your NFTs to the staking pool right after purchase. Though, remember that there’s a maximum limit, and investors can only mint up to 10 NFTs per transaction.

The $LUNACat token

All rewards from the Luna Cat NFTs would be in the form of the native token, $LUNACat. The token, developed on the Binance Smart Chain, is backed by well-researched and executed tokenomics that will drive the platform as well as the token towards success. 

There are two ways to acquire the token, either earn them as rewards by staking the Luna Cat NFTs and tokens or purchase them directly from PancakeSwap DEX. The token will soon be listed on other CEX (Centralized Exchange) as well in the coming days. Also, the platform will soon release a dApp (Decentralized App) where you can perform several functions, including purchasing the $LUNACat token.

The total number of $LUNACat tokens is capped at 250,000,000, of which 29% or 72,500,000 will be up for grabs during the Presale event. Besides, 5% of the taxes charged on transactions will be used for marketing, and 3% of it will be used for the development of the platform, thus ensuring sustainable and long-term growth.

Also, there’s the burning mechanism in place, a protocol that helps increase the token’s value in the long run. Here, a part of the total supply of tokens is burned periodically. Over time, as the number of tokens burned increases, the number in circulation will fall, and subsequently, there will be a considerable increase in the price of the remaining ones. As a result, the value of your investment and the tokens acquired through rewards will rise substantially. 

So, if you are a fan of collecting NFTs and have been waiting for the right opportunity, it’s right here! There are a lot of benefits to signing up and minting early on, so do not waste precious time and start right away.

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