Connecting Millions

VCs and DeFi Rooftop Night teamed up with multiple prospective projects, including MetaHorse, connecting many crypto investors, influencers, and founders. Attendees will be discussing the following big things in the blockchain industry, partner for allocations, token launches to build the global capital market, and offer exclusive insight to visitors from around the world. Furthermore, Rooftop Night in Dubai sets a new standard for accessibility and inclusivity to powerful events by keeping ‘Creating a brighter Future’ as the central vision.

When One Plus One is Greater Than Two

Team MetaHorse felt honoured to present our main project, MetaHorse, and connect with millions of like-minded individuals and communities in this significant special event. As a result, we got the chance to be more exposed to the public during the event. Fortunately, we were approached by several investors who were attracted to the ideology behind MetaHorse and its potential profitability.

Hence, our co-founders seized the opportunity and were able to secure partnerships with founders of GameFi & metaverse companies.

Getting Bigger

As mentioned above, we are expanding internally by securing funding and collaborating with influential institutions in the blockchain industry. On the other hand, Team MetaHorse is entirely devoted to full-time work on the game development of MetaHorse. The project itself is growing in a phenomenal pace and soon we will deliver the very first alpha demo to the community.


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