The SocialFi dApp, Modak, expands its reach with mobile apps for iOS and Android, enabling users to earn $WOOD crypto rewards for engaging in conversations on-the-go.

Modak, the innovative Web3 video calling platform, has officially launched its mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Following a successful testnet launch in December 2023, the Modak app is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, extending its unique Speak-to-Earn (S2E) concept to mobile users worldwide.

To celebrate the launch and introduce its unique concept globally, Modak is running an airdrop campaign where participants can earn $WOOD tokens by joining the community, sharing the app, and using its features.

Speak2Earn (S2E) reward mechanism and $WOOD token is the driving force behind Modak’s ecosystem, facilitating diverse use cases. Users can reward fellow speakers for their contributions, show appreciation for valuable insights, promote events and initiatives, participate in unique item marketplaces, and even engage in governance-related decision-making processes.

Modak’s user-friendly interface caters to a wide audience, offering a seamless experience for both crypto-natives and newcomers alike.

One of Modak’s standout features is the innovative “Campfire” spaces, designed to recreate the welcoming ambiance of a cozy campfire gathering. These spaces serve as ‘online forums meet video meetings,’ allowing users to relax, share stories, and engage in casual conversations on topics they care about, fostering a sense of community and connection.

With a diverse array of dedicated rooms catering to interests like music, travel, Web3, tech, and more, Modak empowers users to create and join spaces tailored to their passions. Language filters ensure global connectivity, while flexible participation options, such as turning off cameras and microphones, cater to varying preferences. Additionally, rooms persist when empty, allowing users to pick up conversations at a later time.

Behind Modak’s groundbreaking platform is a team of experienced professionals with proven track records in building VoIP, WebRTC platforms, mobile games, and blockchain technologies. Recognizing the untapped potential within the saturated communication platform market, the Modak team is committed to establishing a constructive communication environment powered by a robust token economy.

As the world embraces Web3 and the decentralized future, Modak’s innovative approach to rewarding meaningful conversations positions it as a frontrunner in the SocialFi space, revolutionizing remote communication.

About Modak:

Modak is an innovative SocialFi dApp combining video calling with a Speak-to-Earn system, rewarding users for valuable contributions. By incentivizing genuine connections, Modak aims to transform online interactions through its token economy.

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Company Name: La Onda

Email: support@modaktown