Near Protocol

Near Treasury is the first decentralized 3rd Gen. Savings Protocol based on the uprising Near Protocol Ecosystem.

Near Treasury successfully raised $2.8m from private angel investors, setting new standards in the DeFi ecosystem with the first decentralized 3rd Gen. Savings Protocol.
A total of 6% of the total fixed supply was sold in the round at a valuation of $46.6 million.

Since the big growth spurt in the Near Protocol Ecosystem (today, eleventh largest Ecosystem by total value locked according to Defilama), Savings Protocols have seen a tremendous increase in demand amongst users.

Near Treasury operates in decentralized finance strategies such as complex arbitrage trading, advanced yield-farming mechanisms and proof of stake blockchain delegations providing its users a simple and unique way to participate in DeFi to create real passive income through the Near Treasury Savings Protocol.

Near Treasury is launching with its 2 flag ship Savings Protocols, the stable assets Savings Protocol and volatile assets Savings Protocol.

After many months of thorough products testing, Near Treasury is opening its savings protocols to the public.

Near Treasury successfully solves many major savings protocol liquidity and scaling challenges by using short term arbitrage trading bots and collateral based yield farming.
Although the first fundraising round has been massive oversubscribed, Near Treasury is currently not accepting any new angel investors, due to one of Near Treasury’s core principles of decentralization and democratization where the community owns major parts of the savings protocol. 19% of the total supply of 600 million tokens will be allocated to all users during a community farming event.


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