On the 21st, ‘MARS’, a P2E metaverse game under development by NPAS, announced that it had released a new character.

Developed based on 3D MMORPG, a new genre in the P2E (Play to Earn) market, ‘GameFi’, where you can mine cryptocurrency as a reward while enjoying the game, ‘MARS’ is a battle to defend your territory by fighting against alien. Based on the epic, users are tasked with restoring the captured outpost and making MARS a second earth.

‘MARS’ supports various platforms and devices such as web games, Android, and IOS applications.

It is a 3D metaverse game with convenient operation and excellent workability. Anyone can easily enjoy it, and it is possible to acquire NPAS through the P2E system built in the game.

The acquired NPAS can be staking, pooled, and swapped with other cryptocurrencies in cross-chain bridges.

In addition, users can exchange and purchase their own avatars and items and equipment necessary for the game in the MARS NFT market, and get the newly released legendary-grade character through the gacha system in the market. .

An NPAS official said, “NPAs’ metaverse game ‘MARS’ aims to become a one-stop hub for game lovers around the world to enjoy. By combining advanced technologies such as cloud servers and block chain layer 2 that are synchronized with the network, we expect to maximize the value of NFTs used in metaverse and block chain based games.


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