With the world realizing the power of NFT, the possibilities and potentials of NFT are spreading beyond the known limits. Currently, several giants in the related field are offering the world an opportunity to collect information, expertise, and control in the field of blockchain, crypto, NFT, and much more.

As the year 2022 has begun freshly out of Covid-19, mega-minds of the crypto world gathered around all under one roof as they are invited by the World of Web 3 summit at Burj Park, Dubai. The event was held between March 12th – 16th 2022, with a prime goal to gather all the big guns from the crypto and the GameFi world. The world of web 3 summit, being one of the largest crypto exhibitions and conferences in the industry, reportedly gathered over 110 giant blockchain based companies and more than 9,000 observers from all around the globe.

The four-day mega-event emphasized the importance of Cryptocurrency and blockchain based digital assets and technologies in the future of E-commerce, trade, and business landscapes. In this mega event, many futuristic topics such as, how to include Crypto in your portfolio, future payment systems, and meta-verse were discussed, highlighted, and made easy to understand for the public.

Among the highly privileged people, the co-founders of Metahorse were invited as well to attend and deliver talks on the topic of Blockchain, NFTs, Crypto, and their emerging scope. The co-founders of Metahorse interacted with and discussed their thoughts about the potential and promising tentacles of the spreading importance of the NFTs.

They also put in their valued views regarding the topics such as Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, the future of the payment landscape, and how NFTs are set to revolutionize the landscape of future investment. In addition to sharing valuable ideas, the co-founders of Metahorse also identified certain interesting collaborations and investment opportunities from amongst 100 different companies that attended the event.

Being very generous, the co-founders also gave off goodie bags to the exhibitors and the visitors, which were regarded as a very positive step of Metahorse. While little has been revealed so far, co-founders of Metahorse are optimistic about the array of opportunities and mutually beneficial collaborations that this event is bound to bring to them and many other players in the industry.

From getting the invitation to an event as prestigious as the World of Web 3 summit to leaving a strong name in the minds of the visitors and exhibitors, the whole experience is a sign that Metahorse is set to be one of the key players in the future of GameFi and the possibilities of the futuristic technologies of blockchain. With all the advancement so far, more is yet to come with Metaverse!


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