PATHFINDER, a specialized AI-based game developer, recently announced that it has successfully completed the issuance of tokens simultaneously with the announcement of the roadmap for the project ‘FINDER’ under development. The announcement was a reassurance to community users, who will be able to experience more diverse and new AI-based pet games in the future.

According to PATHFINDER’s roadmap, the progress to date has been made as fast as possible in response to user feedback, and includes a variety of new features and updates that will be coming in the future. In addition, the future development of the ‘FINDER’ token is aimed at listing on global exchanges.

PATHFINDER said, “The issuance of the token will provide economic value and facilitate interaction between users, allowing them to trade more efficiently within the game, and reward them with rewards to create a more active community.

This roadmap milestone is part of PATHFINDER’s goal to successfully utilize blockchain technology to build an ecosystem on its platform and provide a more positive experience for its users. This is expected to position PATHFINDER as a leader in the emerging trends of the AI era.