The world of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is making a lot of millionaires and most of the companies have entered into the metaverse where Facebook was the first to announce. Companies like Nike, subway are doing successfully in the market.

The Hot blue Chip project names Playboysapeclub

Is the next most expected project which is set to launch on 14th of April. It has been backed up by the top most playboy models. Analyst say they have not revealed the names of those backing up the project and the team will reveal once the whitelist sale is over. Sources say it may be Sunny Leone.

Holders of this NFT gets the access to the adult club in the metaverse and they also airdrop Hugh Hefner pass to every holders which gives access to the holders to all the playboy models.

Private chat,private dance,also can touch and feel using the latest Haptic Touch technology.all maybe rs are based on ethereum, sources say real life meeting can also be arranged which the team is working on.

This could be the most anticipated project at the moment and could make you the next millionaire just by holding this nft

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Media Contact:

Contact Person Name: Ryan

Company: S5 studios

Email: [email protected]

Country: Australia



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