The beauty of Blockchain is how it has leveled the playing field for everyone. Typically, the rich have always gotten richer while the poor get poorer. This is because for years’ opportunities were reserved for the high and mighty while the majority fought for the limited leftovers.

The old system was characterized by:

  • Identity slavery. People had no control over their online presence. Large corporates like Facebook would sell our details to the highest bidder for Billions of money. God only knows what those corporates do with our details.
  • Financial captivity. Most people have limited information about money because for many years banks and years have had full control of our money.
  • Inefficient systems. Any system that id fully reliant on man is characterized by uncountable shortcomings; human is to error.

Thankfully, Blockchain came along and handed the power back to the majority. People were swift to explore Blockchain’s full potential; today we are seeing nobodies making a fortune and turning into overnight millionaires in the Crypto sphere. No wonder governments were not very receptive to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, they did not want to lose the grasp they always had on us.

RayCoin Global

Lately, new Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects keep coming up on a daily. People have finally discovered the power of Blockchain and there is no stopping. We continue to witness innovative initiatives that leverage Blockchain to improve every possible aspect of our lives.

Raycoin Global is an excellent example of a disruptive platform that uses Blockchain for a common good. The platform is not just a scheme for the creators to get rich overnight or just another random coin to add to the long list of cryptocurrencies. The platform has a cause worth fighting for, probably the most profound cause among most recent Blockchain projects.

The RayCoin Global platform was created for everybody. Do you have a craft or skill that you have perfected and are wondering how to monetize it? It doesn’t even have to be perfect, RayCoin Global gives you a safe space to perfect your skill. With this platform, your craft is all you need for a brighter financial future.

Example of crafts you can leverage


Candles, patterns, jewelry, sewn items, picture frames, photos, soap, ceramics, Digital pintables,  music, and beats


Blogging, Editing videos and images, transcribing, voiceovers

Benefits of Joining RayCoin Global

  • It is a very innovative platform. They are using the most innovative technology thus guaranteeing impressive results, innovation, and efficiency.
  • Leveled playing field. The platform not only encourages variety but is open to people from all over the world.
  • It is borderless. The platform is dedicated to achieving a borderless environment, they are dedicated to providing practical and efficient transactions for everyone.
  • Highlevel of privacy. Blockchain uses the cryptography mechanism to maximize privacy. Users get to fully own and benefit from their data’s worth.
  • High level of security. The system is constantly updated to maximize the level of security offered to users.
  • Risk reduction. The creators are dedicated to enabling their customers to transact with a considerable reduction in transaction risk.
  • It has a strong community that is dedicated to its success. The success of a Blockchain project is usually dependent on its community’s dedication. RayCoin has dedicated communities on Telegram, Discord, and Reddit. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

What you need to get started

Getting started on RayCoin global is extremely simple; all you need is a mobile device and an internet connection.

  1. Visit RayCoin Global Official website:
  2. Download a secure wallet for your RayCoin token
  3. Purchase the token from your platform of choice
  4. Start selling and buying craft in exchange for the token


Instead of using the little that you have an excuse, leverage it on RayCoin Global to create a better life for yourself. This project was started with you in mind, you don’t have to be established to start.


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