Scottish crypto startup ALBA have created a cross border settlements currency in collaboration with the Scottish Central Bank to anticipate the coming political separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom.

ALBA have a strong, capable team.

ALBA CEO Angus Cameron used to work at Consumer Applications at Google from 2017 to 2019, and held various positions at Yahoo! from 2007 to 2013. Angus formerly served as CEO of a Scottish media company, held management positions at a Scottish electronics distribution centre, and was an advisor to Rightmove property company. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Anytime Fitness and and has held board positions at Gymshark and

Next we have Head of Interbank relations Clare Rothschild. Clare has over 7 years of experience in cryptocurrency investment management. Clare wants to lead the effort to create Scotland’s new currency, The ALBA. After resigning from the bureau of Engraving, Clare received an award for her role in helping in the design of the federal reserve notes. Clare was the highest rated member of the Federal Reserve’s Investments Team during the 2020 financial crisis. Clare is currently completing a report with the World Economic Forum to help investment bankers prepare for the next pandemic. Clare rejected the opportunity for advanced study at Harvard University with a focus on Real Estate and Finance for her role in creating the new Scottish cross border currencies at ALBA.

Clare is now the Head of Interbank Relations at ALBA and consults central banks regarding integrating central bank digital currencies with the XRP ledger.

Clare believes in integrating a new Scottish paper currency alongside the new digital currency, the ALBA and believes that Scotland should act quickly to become the first country to implement their new currency before the next financial crisis caused by US dollar hyperinflation.

Next we have Scotland’s monarch Julia Windsor. Julia Windsor is ALBA’s correspondent Central Bank Co-ordinator. Julia left the Bank of England for her role at ALBA after being disappointed with the Bank of England’s support for Scotland during the pandemic. Julia believes much of the funds intended for Scottish food banks went to the English Royal Family for upkeep of properties and legal fees. Julia was also upset at the lack of available financing for Scottish entrepreneurs and investors.

Julia wants to vote no in the referendum and help to create an interoperable Scottish currency alongside the Great British Pound and XRP. Julia believes Scotland should stay in Britain to keep a unified military, police service and control of the borders. The existing British pound can be used to fund government necessities while the Scottish ALBA can be used as a store of wealth, backed by Scotland’s natural resources and property.  Julia will be working with the Bank of England to ensure smooth operations between the Pound and ALBA, in the case of a YES or NO vote.

George Boyd is ALBA’s chief economist. George studied at Edinburgh University and has over 20 years of experience advising clients on international growth strategies, and has been an economic advisor to Fortune 500 companies about inflation in global markets. George believes the pound is headed for serious trouble, with Pound inflation forecasted to be 13% in 2022.

George said “Scottish investors are seeking safety in the ALBA as a replacement for their overvalued properties. I think this is a trend that will continue as we head into the referendum.”

Whatever happens with the referendum, it’s clear that Scottish investors are preferring the ALBA to the highly inflationary pound


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