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Hackers Holdings Co., Ltd., which is building an STOA business, launches the RegTech business to enhance transparency in the cryptocurrency market. 

The RegTech project can be said to be a project to establish an audit control system that operates financial service regulation policies with IT-based technology.

RegTech business is a very important regulatory environment creation project in the fin-tech market, and many companies around the world are scrambling to participate in the market after seeing the future value of the market.

Recently, a certificate called ACAMS has been noticeably highlighted, which is an international certificate test certification body for anti-money laundering experts, and many financial institutions around the world are fostering related experts.

The world is creating a transparent digital asset environment by establishing a regulatory scope for cryptocurrency and establishing tax issues and money laundering guides, and the establishment of such a system is expected to have a virtuous cycle of indiscriminate investment environment.

Hackers Holdings Co., Ltd. opened a service called Sharding Bank to support the advancement of wallet creation and processing of numerous digital assets, and many wallet service vendors and exchanges are using it at very low cost.

STOA team is establishing regulations and various DeFi protocols in DeFi STOA services, upgrading services, and building models suitable for the market environment in line with the regulatory environment of digital assets around the world.

Sharding Bank is a service built to help you easily and conveniently inquire major coins and various ERC tokens and use artificial intelligence and big data techniques to recognize the liquidity, marketization policies, and situation of digital assets.

Sharding Bank is built to handle 100 million Cryptocurrency wallets every second and every minute through the OLTP and OLAP processing base.

Hackers Holdings Co., Ltd., which builds strong intelligent security technology and its own intelligent dataware house based on a physical environment with more than 100 high-performance servers, is strongly pursuing a post-cryptocurrency environment suitable for New Deal finance by contributing to the development of a healthy environment for the DeFi STOA business.

In addition, CEO Kim Roy said, “RegTech is a back-end process that must be built in digital finance. Recently, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ETF and futures ETF launch are being incorporated into the regular market. By preparing a regulatory environment, the virtuous cycle effect of the market will be greater and investment attractiveness will be provided. In order to popularize these services, it is necessary to establish a firm process for AML, KYC, etc. Our teams are trying to create market opportunities by establishing and creating an ecosystem of these businesses.”

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