In this day and age, healthcare is driven by technology and hence is more advanced than ever. People are equipped with sophisticated mechanisms and equipment to research various diseases, no matter how rare or sparse they are. However, there’s still a lot of room for progress.

The time taken to research a new disease still takes years to understand, analyze, diagnose, and treat accurately. The COVID-19 pandemic stands testament to this fact.

Scientists from the biggest pharmaceutical companies and countries delved into understanding the disease and it still took quite a lot of time to find the root cause. By the time trials for the vaccines came to form, it was almost a year since the pandemic outbreak first occurred.

While this is a global example, if we go right down to individuals with rare diseases, or even fairly common ones, they take quite a bit of time to understand it, get diagnosed, and start the necessary treatment.

The Swiss Rare Token aims to solve this. It strives to create a research platform for various conditions, starting with rare diseases, for the people and families affected by them. Furthermore, it also aims to create a community that can interact with each other, help one another with relevant information, and act as a support system.

Before we get to what is Swiss Rare Token, how does it work, and how it will accomplish the above feat, let us take you through the challenges people with diseases face.

Challenges Faced by People with Rare and Common Diseases

Multiple Consultations

One of the biggest roadblocks for any disease is the consultation part. When symptoms start showing people tend to search for multiple doctors around them or through people they know.

However, this is a time-consuming process. The following steps involve having consultations with other doctors for more opinions and often the diagnosis differs. While there are multiple reasons for this, it leads to the family and affected person, consulting more people.

This not only takes a lot of time but even a lot of energy and money.

High Expenditure

Healthcare, in general, is not affordable in many prominent places across the world. This includes places such as the US and UK. So, when it comes to the affected people going through the entire process mentioned above, the expenses incurred are pretty steep and high.

Overall, these are the few challenges that people with both rare and common diseases face. While it is relatively less expensive for common diseases, the amount is still high for common folk and households.

So, how does Swiss Rare Token aim to solve these challenges? Let us showcase it.

How Swiss Rare Token Solves the Challenges

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have paved the way for numerous industries such as supply chain, fashion, gaming, and more to make their processes simpler, straightforward, less expensive, and more time efficient.

With healthcare, it is no different. In fact, cryptocurrencies are being leveraged in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for storing medical records, documentation, and more.

Swiss Rare Token is a cryptocurrency platform with a specific focus. Our vision is to build a platform where research on diseases is efficient, less time-consuming, and even affordable.

This would be directed at people affected by diseases both rare and common. People would be able to access credible and valuable research about their condition.

This would decrease the time and money involved in the process to reach the diagnosis and treatment stage of an illness. Furthermore, we want to create a community for people and their families. They can interact with each other, form a support system, and even help each other if they are having a similar condition.

Overall, people would have access to authentic medical professionals, researchers, and other people from the community.

Swiss Rare Token and Platform

The Swiss Rare Token (CHrare) is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We chose this network because it is faster, cheaper, and relatively more environment-friendly when compared to the Ethereum network.

Swiss Rare is also a platform that would bring together the different players such as medical professionals, researchers, and people who want to access the various services. All transactions would take place via this platform and people can use the Swiss Rare Token as the currency of payment. Besides these, even secondary exchanges or transactions can be carried out using the CHrare token.

How does it work?

According to our research over 7000 rare diseases impact more than 36 million people in the EU. However, 7000, is in fact a small number when compared to the number of diseases people across the globe suffer from.

So, for someone to expedite their process of understanding the illness at a much lower cost, they can access the Swiss Rare Platform. Here’s how:

People who are affected and their families can come onto the platform. Here, there would be numerous medical professionals and researchers who could provide more information and data about their condition.

Besides this, they could also get a consultation with a professional who could perform the prognosis, diagnosis, and encourage them to get their disease treated. This way Swiss Rare acts as a community and a guide that can assist you with the process.

Furthermore, they also make the complete journey simpler by offering the right help, without having you look in many places or spend a lot of money for the same. So all people need to do is the following:

  • People who want to consult or gain access to any information will pay a fee in the form of the Swiss Rare Token.
  • The people who provide the research, consultancy services, and more will be paid from these funds.

Here, it is important to know that the people offering services will be paid based on the quality of their research and work. This way credibility and authenticity are always maintained. Furthermore, in the future, we would also deploy a ranking system, with which people could identify the best professionals that offer services for their requirements.

Now, as people who have not been introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, they might seem hesitant to get onboarded onto the platform. However, Swiss Rare tackles this challenge as well.

Besides this, you’ll also be able to interact with other people in the community so that you have a support system, and don’t feel alone in the process. These interactions would help your mental health, understand your condition, and even gain important insights about the different diseases.

If you’re someone who doesn’t own a cryptocurrency, then you can pay the amount in fiat currency. Overall, this is essentially how the platform would function. Now, how would the fiat currency and the native cryptocurrency work together? For this, I’ll take you into the technical aspects of this, in the Token Features and Tokenomics sections.

Benefits of the Swiss Rare Token

The Swiss Rare Token offers numerous benefits and advantages to all those involved. The most significant ones include:

Accessibility to Healthcare

Numerous people from different sections of society find it difficult to access the necessary professional help they require. It takes a long time for them to avail of such services, which means they have to battle their illnesses for much longer without having any sight of the solution.

Swiss Rare Platform provides this access in the most simple and straightforward manner. All you need to do is get on the platform, and share information about your condition and we will connect you with the right people.

Prevention of Multiple Diagnoses

As mentioned earlier, people would have to go through multiple consultations before they even learn about their condition. This is because of varied opinions, prognoses, and diagnoses. Our platform will prevent such situations by providing well-researched information about different illnesses and connecting you with the appropriate professionals to understand the condition properly.


The expenses will be reduced to a fraction of what you would incur if you go for multiple opinions and participate in the elaborate process. This is because the fees you pay on the platform would be much lower, and there wouldn’t be multiple layers of fees or any hidden ones either.

Time Efficient

As mentioned above, the time consumed in this process is drastically lower. This also means that the diagnosis can be done faster, and the treatment can begin as soon as possible, without any delays or other challenges.

Tokenomics and Distribution

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

Token Standard: BEP-20

  • 10% of the fee will be used as a reward for the various users on the platform. This would include 4% for people holding the cryptocurrency.
  • 3% of the total number of tokens will be used for marketing, advertising, and promoting the platform.
  • 2% will be added to the liquidity pool.
  • 1% will be burned automatically to tackle inflation.

Here, when you pay a certain amount in fiat currency, the equivalent value of the Swiss Rare Token will be burnt.


High Volatility

While the Swiss Rare token offers multiple benefits, it comes with a few challenges as well. Swiss Rare believes in transparency and keeping people informed about the limitations of the token. These limitations are actively being worked upon and progress is being made with time.

Currently, the token faces high volatility owing to various market conditions and factors. However, Swiss Rare affirms that while at present, the token is highly volatile, it is expected to become stable over time.

Besides, Swiss Rare suggests that those who have good knowledge and expertise in trading crypto can purchase and sell them based on the market conditions and after doing their research.

Regulatory Risks

The regulations in blockchain technology are evolving and barring a few countries, there are many that do not trade in cryptocurrency. At present, there are no legal documents relevant to blockchain or crypto.

However, there is a possibility that in the future, legal regulations may be implemented around it. Based on the regulations and what they mean for the crypto industry, in general, the Swiss Rare Token will see its way forward.

These are the two most prominent risks the platform faces. However, we do have a vision for a hopeful future.