Talent Coin, the world’s first decentralized metaverse talent show is all set for its presale as the firm announced the whitelist presale will begin on 18th January. The metaverse aims to give the most talented bands & musicians a real chance to showcase their talent to the world.

The first talent contest powered by a decentralised blockchain and held within a metaverse will be powered by Talent Coin. Talent coin users will ‘spend’ tokens to vote and advance their favorite performer in the competition. There will be numerous rounds in each season of the talent competition, leading up to a grand finale.

The final will be evaluated by celebrities and will be shown live on YouTube as well as in the own metaverse! The winning act will earn a record deal with Mind Records as well as a substantial monetary award.Β 

Talent Coin is a project i.e part of the Mind Music Group headed by Mark Hamilton. Hamilton started Mind Music with the goal of raising mental health awareness on a global scale. Mark’s ambition to take his goals global is reflected in Talent Coin and Talent Verse. Mark has been doxed and has completed InterFi’s thorough KYC verification. Mark works with dozens of outstanding freelancers and independent organisations to fulfill his goals and guarantee the road map is completed on time, in addition to the core team featured on this page.

What Makes Talent Coin Unique?

The creators of the project make it unique, given the fact that Mark is a musician himself who lost many gigs due to the pandemic has created a platform for many other talented artists who lack resources to be a part of the future, The Mind Music initiative turned out to be a mammoth hit and given Talent Coin has been developed with similar principles, it could very well repeat the feat of Mind Music. Users can access the Talent MetaVerse and watch live performances throughout the Talent Verse seasons.

As users watch musicians from all around the world compete and perform, imagine as a member of the crowd. Simply take in the entertainment and buy Talent Coins to connect with the MetaVerse. During the show, users can use their avatars to express themselves. They can clap, cheer, dance, and observe the reactions of the rest of the audience. The avatar can convey their emotions through the use of emojis, and observe the facial expressions of those around them. Players can purchase extra emojis, dances, clothing, accessories, and more through the NFTs platform to enhance their avatar and make it stand out.

Talent Coins can be used to vote for the next global musical sensation by Metaverse users. Thousands of people will enter for a chance to win a record deal and a significant cash award. The winner will be determined by the votes of the audience. Talent Coins can also wager on their favorite musicians. Keep track of the odds, hedge the bets, and receive Talent Coins if the musician triumphs! The talent verse’s currency is called talent coins, and it has a variety of purposes.

Talent Coin aims to digitize the event industry

Thousands of brilliant bands and singers from all around the world are expected to participate in the competition. These acts will all have devoted fan bases who will want to vote for and support their favorite acts in the competition. Fans will need to purchase talent coins and vote in each round to show their support for their favorite talents. Users who want to vote will be able to purchase Talent Coin on the contest website using a credit or debit card. The majority of the revenue generated by TalentVerse will come from non-crypto users! Because we’ll make it simple for them to buy with simply a credit card if they want! This holds true for every aspect of TalentVerse.

Mind Music: The Mind Records label was founded as a result of this effort! The first song is out, and it’s getting a lot of attention this project will sign musicians and generate revenue from album sales, merchandise, and concert tickets, among other things. The revenues will be split 80/20 between mental health charities and the charity itself. The winner of the Talent Show will receive a record deal from Mind Records in the Talent Verse! Along with Mind Counseling and the Mind Records Shop.

The tokenomics of the Token Coin has been cleverly structured to ensure that the project is well-funded while also ensuring that the chart is always protected. The transaction fees not only help to fund the project’s development but also boost the coin’s liquidity and stability. Talent Coin is always on standby to help eat any dips that occur thanks to the buy-back tokenomics.

To learn more about Talent Coin visit Talentcoin.cash

Telegram: https://t.me/TalentCoinGroup

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Mark Hamilton

Company: Mind Music Group

Email: [email protected]

City: London

Country: UK

Website: https://talentcoin.cash/


Source: Talent Coin


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